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  1. Kadaj

    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    Nopes. Standard Windows XP. As I said, nothing special. I am not into Linux ^^
  2. Kadaj

    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    I could swear I saw an "Edit" button in this forum before.. can't seem to find it now. Oh well, replying to myself then ^^ I want to be a bit more specific on the server: PHP Version 5.2.8 Apache 2.2.11 mySQL 5.0.51a So, all more or less quite fresh and juicy ^^
  3. A quote from 2006 ^^ Well, I am not complaining or anything. I just implemented this contrib to my site and noticed this problem when I was clicking around like a small child on my site and reached the limit within a minute ^^ I just have a small question regarding this. Is this saved per session or per IP? Let's say the limit is "20 categories till it blows" and I visit my site 10 times in a row, but click 19 categories in a row. Will it blow or will it start a new row in the database each time I revisit (with the same IP) the site? (I just increased VARCHAR(255) to VARCHAR(4095), because I am a monster. Anyone got a more elegant idea? like.. starting to delete the previously visited categories, starting from the first one, so it doesn't "overflow"? I would do it.. just someone point me to where the code can be implemented. I am so bad at guessing where, but I am capable of doing it, haha.. :P )
  4. Kadaj

    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    Apache Server, mySQL database. Quite standard stuff, nothing extraordinary :)
  5. Kadaj

    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    It keeps on loading. So, I changed back the code to original just now to see what happens if I really wait this out. Turns out that after ~20-30 seconds the site DOES load. So, my guess is that it tries to look up something about the IP *shrugs* and it doesn't succeed and continues after a while. I know, 20-30 seconds is not a lot, but it's a LOT compared to 0 seconds as it should be ^^
  6. Kadaj

    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    I installed the latest Who's Online 3.5.4 . I noticed an interested bug.. or at least a problem. It works fine on a live server and everything. But when running this on a local computer there is a problem. Let me explain my setup. I have a network with 3 computer here at home. I run a local apache server (for internal network use only) to test new code and stuff on my local system first before it goes online. So, after installing "whos online", it runs fine and all. I can access the site on the computer the local server is running, but none of my other computers can access it. So I looked up the code and found out where the problem lies. In /catalog/includes/functions/whos_online.php in line: function tep_update_whos_online() { // WOL 1.6 - Need access to spider_flag and user_agent and moved some assignments up here from below global $customer_id, $spider_flag, $user_agent; $wo_ip_address = tep_get_ip_address(); $wo_last_page_url = request_uri(); The problem lies in tep_get_ip_address(). When I comment out "$wo_ip_address = tep_get_ip_address();" and write instead "$wo_ip_address = 0;", it works. Yeah, I know, total crap, but hey, I only use it at the moment, so my other local computers can access the local shop. ONLINE the original code works all fine. As I said, this problem only occurs in a local network with local computers. I looked up how tep_get_ip_address() is definied, but this goes beyond my understanding to be honest. So, maybe someone else can look into this. I appreciate any help on this issue. Kind Regards, Hans