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  1. 1) I'd like to display the address book entries as a drop-down menu instead of having them displayed as radio buttons. 2) I'd like to have the company name as the primary selection option in the drop down menu to choose an address but If the whole address must be displayed then that's fine too. How can I go about doing this? I tried installing the address book enhancer but there were too many bugs (or I couldn't get it installed correctly) so I decided to give up. I'm sure that there is a much easier way to simply change the display of the addresses book. I am not a programmer but I'm really good at cutting and pasting :). Any tips or code would be appreciated. Thanks!! Mel
  3. Hi, I'm getting the following errors... any idea why? Error 1: "Warning: mysql_insert_id(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL-Link resource in /home/content/b/b/s/bweets/html/catalog/includes/functions/database.php on line 113". Line 113 = return mysql_insert_id($$link); This error occurs after sending a gift certificate from the client's account (catalog/gv_send.php) Error 2: "TEP_HREF_LINK_ERROR2" (catalog/gv_send.php) This error sits at the bottom of the catalog/gv_send.php page. Please help.. I'm a php novice please post specifics. Thanks much. Mel
  4. mellome

    Header Tags SEO

    Wow! quick response! thanks so much. I needed that. Well, I've tried several different settings and got this one to work... : Default Tags: Nothing Checked index.php: Category "1" product_info.php: Product "1" Do I have this set up correctly? or am I doing something that could cause problems moving forward? (sorry, I'm a novice @ this). Another huge difference is that I turned off the search engine safe urls... is this not good to use? i want to make sure google doesn't 'run away' from my site. Thanks in advance your help!! Mel
  5. mellome

    Header Tags SEO

    Hi Jack, This is a great contribution. I am not viewing the title tag or any other header tag that i input on my product page or my category page (the same may be true for other pages as well). I only see the main set of default tags that I set up in page control on the product page and the category page (the same may be true for other pages as well). I have all of the 'default' options un-checked for product_info.php in Page control. Problem: I do not see the tags that I have created for each product and each category the tags default to the header tags that i created within Page Control. What am i missing? What could be causing this? Please help me to get this working. Thanks, Mel
  6. Jack, Thanks for this great contribution. The Title tag and all other header tags are not showing on my product page or my category page. I have taken the steps to input the title, description and keyword tags while creating the product and category folders but it is not being displayed in my browser. The only tags that are being displayed on all pages would be the tags that i put into the page control section. How do i get my unique product and category tags to show on their respective pages? what am i missing? I appreciate your help! Mel