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  1. When someone makes an error in their credit card page, they are sent back to the shopping cart with the error message "This transaction cannot be processed. Please enter a valid credit card number and type." I just want them to stay on checkout_confirmation.php. where is this set up?
  2. sturbek

    Paypal Express Missing Address Line

    OK, after some digging, here is a solution that I tested in /catalog/ext/modules/payment/paypal/express.php around line 116 replace 'suburb' => '', with 'suburb' => $response_array['SHIPTOSTREET2'],
  3. Hi all! I'm using zone shipping to offer one price for domestic shipping and another for various countries. All good, except only 1 shipping method is allowed per zone I'd like to offer priority and express shipping for both domestic and international. Any suggestions on how to do this? Am I just missing the concept? thanks in advance
  4. I'm looking to ship via USPS but offer free shipping domestically and $x internationally, with free shipping for multiple items. I'm new to OSC, any tips on the approach would be greatly appreciated. Should I be installing a module that does this? thanks!