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  1. I caught your question on another thread. I had not gotten a chance to work on Paul langford's theme version. Tom
  2. Sorry for the delay in replying. I never had to chance to start testing with paul langfords theme system yet It will be several more weeks untill I can get back to any PHP stuff. Tom
  3. Download location:,1270 This update combines category tabs and menu tabs contributions I have written and modified. I have added admin screen with a number of configuration parameters so the average user does not have to edit code to change the look and feel of the contibution. Cat_Menu tab is published as a stand alone contribution Version 2.0a, if you have thema installed Version 2.0b. A version for Theme by Paul Langford will be developed Version 2.0c. I have included a few of other tabs in the alt tabs directory they are different styles and colors. To use them simple copy the 6 images over those in the images/tabs. the tab is formed from three images a left middle and right. each button is on or off which is detected in the script. These have not been updated since version 1.x. Features: Current page is indicated by a different color text label and alternate tab. Use language system of OSC. Mouse over: move your mouse over the tab and the text will change colors. Netscape 4.x this is not working. Can turn on and off tabs in admin. Can add and edit tabs in admin Has a number of tabs pre loaded with translations (note: admin labels currently only english) single row or multiple rows of category and menu tabs. can assign buttons to row of choice. change order of tabs. category tabs and menu tabs use same images if you use catagory tabs included. the following are new features added: admin screen was added to change these configuration variables. 4 basic layout styles added. 1. Menu then category tabs in seperate blocks. 2. Category then menu tabs in seperate blocks. 3. Menu then category tabs as one continous string. 4. Category then menu tabs as one continous string. menu tabs configuration for layouts 1 and 2 can turn on and off with in admin screen set postition , left, center or right of tab set. number of spaces between tabs. add Background color behind tabs when configuring layout 3 and 4 hide look and feel configuration in menutab. Category and menu tab configuration select one of four layout styles number of blank tabs between category and menu tabs sets for layouts 3 and 4 can specify number of tabs per row number of tabs in a row for layout 3 and 4 layouts. multiple configurations available selectable in admin, configuration can be activated or deactivated as needed add Background color behind tabs number of spaces between tabs rewrite of category code to make to be more like menu tab can have tabs be left, center, right justified If a configuration parameter is not need by a layout, it will not appear on the admin screen It appears to work with IE 5.0 and higher , Netscape 4.7x, 6.0 and higher, mozilla 1.0 and higher. In mozilla there is a slight rendering error on the bottom side ot the tabs. The demo will be the location of the future store currently you will not be charged, but at some time in the future you go there I would not purchase anything. Demo location: Known problem: Slight rendering problem in Netscape and Mozilla when adding spaces between tabs features that didn't make it into this version: get hide a category working if still used by other contributions. create how to instructions as html and/or pdf (Started but it will be a large file) create the ability to overlab tabs display sub menu and sub categories as tabs select pre-defined image for tab sets from the admin way to have admin view configuration and design but not let customer see untill active. add the ability for store owner to add there own layouts add the abillity for store owners to add their own image tabs from the admin Download location:,1270
  4.,1270 title: Category and menu tabs v2.0b Could one of the dev's that can edit disciptions please change the discription from: "This version is for OSC with out any theme or templete systems. It contsains bug fixes and updated features." to: It should have read "This version is for OSC with thema installed. It contains bug fixes and updated features." Thank you
  5. Rob don't worry every thing I have added, or will add, can be turned on and off in the admin. so you don't want to use an added feature if you don't have to. The only thing for the style sheet that has changed is the background color behind the tabs can be changed and turned on and off in the admin. This was done for those that have a image in the header. As I am updating the code I am try to make it so different layouts types can be used. So I would add both the image and text for subs. Depending on if I could get the code to work and place switches in the admin to turn on or off. I have also added a configuration table to "remember" settings. Using Java to do the sub would be a lot easier the just PHP code But! I would just as soon as not use to much Java script, since how well Java works is dependent which on the Java virtual machine that is installed and used. Most people don't use Sun's version which is a lot better then MS's version and more stable. So I am try to avoid using Java if at all possible. I have looked at the code for tabs with subs, Its problem is that the code that pulls the categories from the DB and generates the tabs is actually an internal function. If the coder did not declare new variables in a GLOBALS statement they would /could be unstable which they are. i was having this problem remembering to add to the globals statement and I knew it was there and had to be added to. The new version I am doing, of the category tab code does not have a internal function. So if A coder does not have to remember to add to the a globals statement. Splicing in the subs code should work better now but won't know until I or some one else actually does it. Next week I must go back to working as a graphic artist. If I do not get the coding done by Monday it will be delayed over a month until it is publish. I am leaning towards finishing testing, code clean up, document writing, packaging and releasing what I have gotten done so far done. Then in the next version add subs and a couple of other features that have been requested. My Earlier statement "I was really really really hoping no one would bring that up." was based on that I had not finished re-coding category tabs. Until I had that finished I know it would not work well for everyone. I may or may not have answered any questions but I am more for delaying implementing subs until the next version. But who know I may have a moment of inspiration and dive in and have it work the first time. But suggestions are really welcome and very useful and thanks to everyone who has made a suggestion. If your suggestion does not make it into this version it was not because it may have been a bad suggestion, but rather I ran out of time while codeing. Tom
  6. No problem, I answered it there.
  7. I was really really really hoping no one would bring that up. Yes I could most likely do that but I would have to play with it for a while. I am just hoping to find time to just get this version finished. Catgegories tabs was originally made from the categories box code. The origianl code that allows for subcategories to show could be added back in and to list subcategories under the parent if a category is clicked on. One question would be: Would you want the main parent categories to still show or would they be hidden? Deciding how they should be displayed would be the really hard part. Tom
  8. if you go to this page it has a link to look at the CVS commits archive in the past the mirror site is updated before the primary site. is a direct link wow lot of commits by Harald on the 19. If you are looking at the progress towards MS2 look here
  9. Do to some changes in the core files of OSC you can not. Linda has been working on SEC wich is the replacement for quantity controller. She has published version 1.0 of sec.
  10. the error is caused because you do have a field in the db called "member_flag" That line you memtioned adds it There are a number of programs ou there that will let you add the feild to the DB one of them is phpmyadmin at Many web host install this for you. From within phpmyadmin is an area that allows you to run sql, copy and paste the line and it should add it.
  11. I should have added font-size: smaller; is not supported well by all browsers well what is better for fonts size is font-size: 12px; this will render more uniformally across diffrent browsers and OS's. Its my bad that I left that in and will try to fix that in the next releases Tom
  12. in your stylesheet around line 21 you have /* BOF: menu-category Tabs */ { background-image: url(images/tabs/tab_middle.gif); /* BOF: menu-category Tabs */ { background-image: url(images/tabs/tab_middle.gif); background-repeat: repeat; color: #6699cc; font-family: Verdana, Geneva, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-style: normal; font-weight: bold; font-size: smaller; } you need to remove the extra /* BOF: menu-category Tabs */ { background-image: url(images/tabs/tab_middle.gif); /* BOF: menu-category Tabs */ Netscape and mozilla are very picky about the stye sheets entries. Since the closing } was missing it blew up. IE is bad about standerds so it ignored ther error. Tom
  13. question 1. For the version you are running no, I did another contribution for category tabs , Or I should say I did a modified version of the original categort tabs then add menu tabs. The version your are using most likely is the one that only has menu tabs in it. What you are see is the new version that combines both my version of category tabs and menu tabs and adds alot of admin control over both. In that screen shot ther are actually two. But there will be three when I get it finished. question 2. they should have been added to the stylesheet. For display of normal tab and for displaying when you are on a page TD.ontab A.ontab A.ontab:hover Tom
  14. Sorry those are bugs that I post to the forum some time ago. I hope I did not cause to much grief by not getting a patch out. There may be a one or two more bugs. Menu tabs version 2 with those fixed applied will hopefully be published in the next week or two. is the info page on updates and changes in next version. category and menu tabs will combined. but don't worry you can turn them on and off as you like. I will include an upgrade.sql so your current tabs information is not over written. The last main feature I have had requested to add is causing some trouble. Tom
  15. If you are missing one cataegory. is its cat_id 23? if it is I found out that I had left some old code in the for linda's hide a category with out really making sure it worked ok. Near the bottom of the code in catelog/includes/categories_tab.php you should see // Added: Hide a hidden Category from the Tabs // Set to value of the Hidden categories_id $hide_category='23'; change the 23 to something like 100 and it should be ok I am doing a temp fix for that in the next release, then when Linda Gets the undated Quantity controller published. I will up date again so it works with her contribution. I have been working on the code a little lately and should get some free time to day to work on it today. Tom