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  1. CroonerJE

    Using Paypal without an account

    I agree. So much... that I decided to use PayPal Pro. It is incorporated "invisibly" and doesn't have the confusing look that PayPal Standard has. It isn't free however. $30 per month and requires that you contact paypal.
  2. Hello! Carefully following installation instructions, I have installed the upgrade scripts to utilize PayPal Websites Payments Pro into my template website. To illustrate, please go to http://www.terrificbigbandcharts.com and click on "Charts By Arranger", then click "Johnny Mandel". Add one of the 2 products (or add both) to the cart and you'll see that now the entire cart environment is positioned at the page bottom (instead of within the right-hand white area adjacent to left column menu). Before I installed the script, the cart environment WAS positioned correctly to the right of the left column menu. ANY matter regarding the cart is now positioned at page bottom. PLEASE HELP ME. I am not sure WHICH script(s) to compare (original vs. paypal upgrade). I just want it to look right!
  3. Hello All, I am at the crossroads now of choosing a payment processor. I have a paypal business account, and have for sometime for other purposes (ebay, simple 1 product sale on a website)... but I don't like the PayPal Websites Payment Standard because it visually can confuse the customer once the invoice screen appears, and if they DO NOT have a paypal account... (am I incorrect?) Is there a more straightforward module utilizing paypal where credit/debit cards are processed fast and not confusing for a customer? Did I miss something? And 2 Checkout and their fees... UH UH... just a $60 sell everyday for a month (if I only made one sell) would yield them about $150 per month. YES? No wonder they don't have a minimum!! They don't have too!! So... what about Authorize.net? I downloaded the most recent contrib for their AIM and have installed it, but yet to use it due to making a choice. A friend of mine is in the payment gateway biz who uses auth.net and their rate (2.2%) and low fee are far superior to 2CO (and no setup fee as well). BUT WHAT IT COMES DOWN TO IS EASE OF USE AND EASE OF INSTALLATION AND IMPLEMENTATION. SO PLEASE SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS WITH ME!! I WANT TO GO THE RIGHT DIRECTION RIGHT OUT OF THE GATE!! THANKS EVERYONE.