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  1. Hi again, I installed latest Jack mcs Ultimate SEO 2-2.2d-2 and when I use it with english characters everything works perfect, but when I use it with other (serbian, bulgarian, russian) characters (utf-8) there is problem. Namely, if i turn off "Add category parent to begining of urls" products and categories in ursl are converted all well with special character conversion, but when I turn on "Add category parent to begining of urls", sole category urls are converted well (mysite.com/some_category-c-23.html) but when i go to any product under some_category products urls is displayed well, but category is not displayed well (mysite.com/ÑезеÑвни-делови/some_product-p-29.html). What could be a problem, how ti fix it, if someone has experienced the same problem?
  2. Thanks Stanislav, I would rather not to use any other contributions than those highly verified and trusted, like all Jack_mcs and yours too (the first contribution i installed is pwa with your autoinstaller 2.14). Here is my small "contribution", Serbian character conversion array for ultimate seo urls : serbian latin: Č=>C,č=>c,Ć=>C,ć=>c,Ž=>Z,ž=>z,Š=>S,š=>s,Đ=>Dj,đ=>dj,€=>Eura serbian cyrillic: А=>A,а=>a,Б=>B,б=>b,В=>V,в=>v,Г=>G,г=>g,Д=>D,д=>d,Ђ=>Dj,ђ=>dj,Е=>E,е=>e,Ж=>Z,ж=>z,З=>Z,з=>z,И=>I,и=>i, Ј=>J,ј=>j,К=>K,к=>k,Л=>L,л=>l,Љ=>Lj,љ=>lj,М=>M,м=>m,Н=>N,н=>n,Њ=>Nj,њ=>nj,О=>O,о=>o,П=>P,п=>p,Р=>R,р=>r, С=>S,с=>s,T=>t,т=>t,Ћ=>C,ћ=>c,У=>U,у=>u,Ф=>F,ф=>f,Х=>H,х=>h,Ц=>C,ц=>c,Ч=>C,ч=>c,Џ=>Dz,џ=>dz,Ш=>S,ш=>s,€=>Eura just copy and paste in the field for character conversion. p.s. for cyrillic version first you need to change in phpmyadmin in table "configuration" field "value" from VARCHAR (255) to VARCHAR (315) or more, in order to accept all characters. And I prepare Serbian language pack (Latin and Cyrillic) to follow in a few days.
  3. Hi, I installed successfuly last Ultimate SEO 2-2.2d-2 by Jack mcs. Since it was not working for Buy Now button I applied change from BUY NOW Button Fix by amchstudios dated 1 Apr 2009 and now everything is working (cyrillic character conversion too, UTF-8 shop), together and compatible with Header Tags 3.1.5 and STS 4.5.8. My question is, is it possible and what code to change to have only clean product and category names in URL without ending -c-28 or -p-29 (ex. mysite.com/some_category.html instead of mysite.com/some_category-c-29.html) ? Thanks, Miodrag
  4. misabgd

    Header Tags SEO

    Thanks for your very fast answer Jack. I found googling yesterday your nice and effective reply to Gary from Club osCommerce (link is here: http://www.clubosc.com/seourls5-htcseo3.html ), that had the same problem, and it solved mine too. I hope you will include this code within next version. And, if I should comment, it would be very nice for oscommerce cart if someone (let's say you or someone so familiar with the core code) publish completely new version with this few contributions that everyone today use and install (HTC, STS, USU, maybe google sitemap xml..) preinstalled in the core code. That way osCommerce cart will be for sure today the most customizable, the most SE friendly etc. shopping cart in the world. I experimented first with Joomla and VirtueMart, and with Drupal + UberCart, but I decided at last - osCommerce. Thanks again Miodrag
  5. misabgd

    Header Tags SEO

    Hi, If anyone could help, I installed successfuly on 2.2rc2a first STS 4.5.8 and then Header Tags Seo 3.1.5 and this contributions are great! Last two days I installed several URLs contributions (Ultimate SEO URLS, several versions and Ultimate SEO URLs5 by FWR media) but either they do not work or they disrupt my excellent Header Tags not to work completely well. What solution for SEO URLs is compatible with Header Tags SEO 3.1.5 or maybe I need to install some URLs first and then Header Tags, or there is no compatible solution? Thanks, Miodrag