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  1. I just installed this add-on and am having the same problem. Did anyone find a fix?? Thanks
  2. Rich47

    [Contribution] Better Together

    Yes I'm using 3.0. Thank You, I think that did it. I did some quick testing and it appears to be working perfectly. Thank you for the quick response. I need to go to my "other" job now but will be contacting you later by email about the other add-on's and another project I'm thinking about. Rich
  3. Rich47

    [Contribution] Better Together

    Yes, I opened MYSQL database and viewed the categories_description table and the category numbers are correct. After doing some more testing, it seems to have something to do with products that have varients. When I selected items from categories that did not have varients, it calculated the discounts properly. When I selected an item from the same category but with a varient, it did not calculate the discount. My observations: product 385 category 11 has varients product 23 category 11 no varients product 210 category 16 no varients product 117 category 8 has varients selecting product 23 and product 117 $this->add_cat_to_prod(11, 117, "%", 100); This works selecting product 385 and product 117 $this->add_cat_to_prod(11, 117, "%", 100); This does not work selecting product 117 and product 23 $this->add_prod_to_cat(117, 11, "%", 100); This works selecting product 117 and product 385 $this->add_prod_to_cat(117, 385, "%", 100); This does not work selecting product 23 and product 210 $this->add_cat_to_cat(11, 16, "%", 100); This works selecting product 23 and product 117 $this->add_cat_to_cat(11, 8, "%", 100); This does not work I hope this makes sense. It seems that when you pick an item that has varients from a category it does not calculate. It shows the marketing text but no discount on chechout. I may want to get the checkout candy and offers on listing pages but need to get this bug fixed first. Since I have categories with items with and without varients, I can't have it showing marketing text for everything but only getting the discount on the ones without varients. Sorry for the long message :)
  4. Rich47

    [Contribution] Better Together

    Wondering if anyone has this installed. I'm having the same problem as wolfspyryt. None of the discounts calculate when using categories. The marketing line shows on the appropriate products but does not calculate the discount upon checkout. All of the individual product discounts work. This seems like a good add-on but doesn't seem to work on categories. Any ideas?