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  1. I was mistaked. I want to know , where can i change size of the image.
  2. Hello. i,ve installed your modul. Thank's/ But I have sach problem, when i try to choose "Box frame style" as plain, i get error Fatal error: Class 'borderlessBox' not found in C:\WWWROOT\shop\includes\modules\categories_images.php on line 205 I find borderlessBox in categories_images.php // Output the box in the selected style switch (CATEGORIES_IMAGES_BOX_FRAME_STYLE) { case 'Plain': new borderlessBox ($info_box_contents); break; case 'Simple': new productListingBox ($info_box_contents); break; case 'Stock': default: new contentBoxHeading ($info_box_heading, false, false); new contentBox ($info_box_contents); break; } and i don't understand, why it does'n work? can you hepl me? and one more question, where can i change image