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  1. Stanislav, You done the job. Thank you so much for your support. Awsome work. Cheers, Dimsy
  2. hi Mate, Tried with the latest seo.class.php from the autoinstaller. Still no luck. Orders are not displaying in the admin panel as well as still display order number as "0" in the email sent to the customer. Any help much appriciated. Cheers, dimsy
  3. Hi Guys, Does this work with php4 & mysql 4? Cheers, dimsy
  4. Hi Jan, My hosting provider using PHP 4.4.9 & Mysql 4.1.22. By the look of it requires PHP 5+ :(. Anyone got this going with php4 ? Cheers, Dimsy
  5. Hi Guys, I have installed the SEO 2.7 and it's a great contribution. However I am having trouble with orders. Admin orders not displaying and I've treid to place an order that also not displaying in my histroy. Please help me to fix this issue. I've noticed previous poster also having the same issue and he managed to find a solution but not published. Any help much appriciated. Cheers, Dimsy PS: It apears that database records the order ID as "0". As soon as I remove the contribution then normal order ID continues.