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    One Page Checkout Support

    Hi, I installed this contribution and have the issue where it kicks you back to the checkout page if no password is specified. Has anyone come up with a solution for this? Also, the borders for my boxes are gone, and I'm not sure how to get them back. That should be an easy fix for anyone who know this stuff better than I do. Have a look at my test environ here: www.thelynk.com/catalog Thanks in advance. Jos
  2. anansi22

    Website Payment Pro w. PWA Issue

    A user who chooses to checkout without creating an account has no problems. All fields are correctly displayed. A user who does login, get a checkout_payment page with the fields missing. The ones that should appear below the billing address - for the credit card information. I've attached a screenshot. The code has been compared a few times to the contribution and it appears to be the same. Not sure what's happening here. Any assistance is appreciated.