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  1. i'm currently installing on mod'd script and fighting with all of it......... for this i just commented out a line and it now creates the gift certs.... includes\functions\gc_output.php line 129 changed to ........ /* echo "DIR_WS_GCIMAGES=" . DIR_WS_GCIMAGES . " custno=" . $custno . " directory should be " . DIR_WS_GCIMAGES . $custno . "<br>"; */ now....when i apply the gift cert, it doesn't apply the amount in checkout............ :(
  2. Spicoli

    UPS for Canadians

    thanks very much for the help
  3. Spicoli

    UPS for Canadians

    thx, but it's for a client, who's already using UPS and wants to stay with them. does the upsxml work from canada.......anyone??
  4. Spicoli

    UPS for Canadians

    Hi All my first post I'm looking for a way to use UPS shipping from Canada to both Canada and US destinations. it looks like UPS Choice only works from US. thx