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    Hi. Nice job with this contribution. Thank you very much. I have a couple of things to mencion: 1) In some files you don't use: TABLE_TABLENAME (example: admin/auctions.php line 166 among others). May be it work just like it's now, but I'm usinAgag a DBPREFIX contribution and I've noted the TABLE_TABLENAME missing issue (I think it's more clean if the table names are taken from database_tables.php files) (If you want, I can make a list with all cases) 2) In admin/include/database_tables.php: define('TABLE_AUCTIONS_ATTRIBUTES','auctions_attributes'); is missing. 3) In admin/auctions.php, in 'update' case the overbid mount remains (it's not update). It's that ok? I can't see the reason for this (yet). Adding: $overbid_amount = tep_db_prepare_input($HTTP_POST_VARS['overbid_amount']); ... tep_db_query("update " ... overbid_amount = '" . tep_db_input($overbid_amount) . "' ....); works fine Again, thank you very much. Let me know if you want I detail the 1er point