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  1. does anyone know if there is a support page for individual item status?
  2. hmmm...what if all I want to do is change the html layout for info boxes in a vanilla osc2.2? If there really is no need to install BTS or STS, then how would you advise someone in going about that? I only see a complex box class that mingles the php with the html code for each box. That is my reason for trying to decide which template system i wish to use. How else can this be done without hacking the box class???? thanks
  3. kenz

    Is it possible to 'resubmit' an order to PayPal?

    Wizardsandwars, what if the customer calls back and wishes to make a slight adjustment to a very detailed order and there isn't time to reorder everything originally????
  4. Help I'm looking for the same thing! Basically a module that allows users to authorize and capture orders from oscommerce and do adjustments inbetween just in case the customer needs changes to that order. It's seems to make so much sense but there is the love?
  5. kenz

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    I'm reading through this forum but does anyone know if its possible to update the products ordered and cost of an "existing order" before its finally captured in authorize.net? There are a million reasons why a customer would want to call back after making an order and making a request to adjust it. Is there a guide, tutorial, link, web site that talks about this very issue? Is it possible to adjust the current order without reordering everything all over again from either the store front or admin????
  6. kenz

    [contribution] Tracking Module

    got it - simply uninstall your fedex tracking module - then go into your includes/modules/tracking/ fedex.php tracking page and update your validation code to something like this... /^\\\d{8,25}$/ save the file, install the tracking module again in the admin and it should work.
  7. kenz

    [contribution] Tracking Module

    Does anyone know how to set a range from 8 to 25 digits for the fedex validation, instead of it being constant single number. fedex express is 12 digits long fedex ground is 22 to 25 characters long postal office smart post can be more than 25 digits long. I'm assuming this all can be the same tracking module with a regular expression of numbers between 12 and 50. But how is that written and where in the code or in the database do you store that? thanks
  8. The reason is because your shopper made the order with an IE broswer, and after the payment it will pop up a window that questions the security of your site to the customer. IE does this because bill gates wants you to be secure (https) all around - no matter what think is secure enough.
  9. kenz

    Authorize.NET Payment problem

    I'm having the same issues - why is the check out on IE's browser breaking image links? where do you put in the absolute URL path this way IE can load the success page correctly??? thanks
  10. kenz

    Authorize.net SIM order error

    yeah whats the right link???
  11. Is there a tip, trick, hack or contribution that allows users to create radio button groups that can be used on the product pages like multiple dropdowns? For example have 3 radio button options for the first choice and then 3 other radio button options for the second choice, all on the same product page? thanks!
  12. kenz

    ship in cart

    I have the same problem. what the heck is this????? href="_" fill in the blank?
  13. That contribution does not work with upsxml - just a warning to you and whoever finds that contribution attractive!
  14. kenz

    [Contribution] MATC

    Wow! Thank you Steve! I will give it a shot and let you know how things go on my end! Thanks again, kenz
  15. kenz


    Thanks Jack, I tripled checked my code and my quote products are still showing up under the advance search results. really strange. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  16. kenz


    I just installed this contribution on a fresh version of oscommerce with default settings and it still does the same thing. A customer can search for products that are intentionally quoted for someone else by using the advance search or my searching for products listed by manufacture. Jack any thought how to prevent this? thanks kenz
  17. kenz


    Thanks Jack for the quick response. I see how you use and quotes_email_address NOT LIKE '%@%' in the sql for the new_products.php Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't this suppose to partially block the quoted products from also being listed under new products? If that is the case, then how are quoted products not being shown from using the default site search tool or when you view products listed by manufacture? thanks
  18. kenz


    Hi Jack Once again, excellent work. In addition to cart contents added for a quote, is there a tip or trick you can share in placing a button on each product page for the purpose of getting a quote? Some of my customers are not smart enough in figuring out that items have to be placed in their cart initially before they can quote it. Also, I'm using the BTS system, not STS, and the quoted product is showing up even when you are not logged in. Any work around with that? It's showing up when I view all products by manufacture and also showing up when I search the site for it. I want to hide that from the public eye. Thanks kenz
  19. Hi surfalot, Whenever you get a sec, can you please post how you helped dowser fixed his issue. I got the exact same problem. thanks! kenz
  20. Absolutely! the instructions for adding additional product fields such as the vendor price and item number, are clear on the easypopulate.php page. You just gotta read the section on adding additional fields. It involves adding a field in your database and also on your easypopulate.php file - easy stuff. kenz
  21. Does anyone know how to search by postcode (zip code) with the "search by customer info" contribution. I tried creating the postcode as a search criteria in addition to the original code, by osc tells me that the order can not be found. but i know its there, i'm looking right at it in my database and see the zip code filled in. i tried putting in the postcode criteria below as you can see... //----------------- search query begins ----------------- // search query (oid, customer or company) $search_query = null; if ( isset($_GET['q']) && $_GET['q']!="" ){ // query is set in address $search_query=$_GET['q']; if (preg_match("/^\d+$/",$search_query)) { // oid // show given order tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_ORDERS, 'oID=' . $search_query . '&action=edit')); exit; } else { // name (customer or company or zip) $q_array = explode(' ', ($search_query)); $q_customer = '(o.customers_name LIKE \'%' . $q_array[0] . '%\''; $q_company = '(o.customers_company LIKE \'%' . $q_array[0] . '%\''; $q_city = '(o.customers_city LIKE \'%' . $q_array[0] . '%\''; $q_postcode = '(o.customers_postcode LIKE \'%' . $q_array[0] . '%\''; // more than one search term for ($i = 1; $i < sizeof($q_array); $i++) { $q_customer .= ' OR o.customers_name LIKE \'%' . $q_array[$i] . '%\''; $q_company .= ' OR o.customers_company LIKE \'%' . $q_array[$i] . '%\''; $q_city .= ' OR o.customers_city LIKE \'%' . $q_array[$i] . '%\''; $q_postcode = ' OR o.customers_postcode LIKE \'%' . $q_array[$i] . '%\''; } $q_customer .= ')'; $q_company .= ')'; $q_city .= ')'; $q_postcodecon .=')'; $search_query = ' AND (' . $q_customer . ' OR ' . $q_company . ' OR ' . $q_city . ' OR '.$q_postcode.')'; } } // ends if ($search_query = $_GET['q']) // ----------------- search query ends ----------------- the customer name, company name and city all work. but the moment i try to add a postcode criteria, i get no results. Any suggestions would be great. thanks!
  22. kenz

    RMA Returns error for 2.2 MS2

    please please don't beat me up - i read at least half the posts on here and I am still in wonder if there is a way that we can generate our own RMA numbers from the backend for customers who call in and dont use their account. Or another reason is because the return policy has been abused and all RMA processing is done over the phone. Does anyone have any leads to generating the RMA for a particular order or items of orders in the back end? Again if this has been explained - please forgive me and simply show the link. Thanks
  23. kenz

    [Contribution] MATC

    Is there a way to set the agreement /conditional terms on a particular product info page? I have 1 product our of a dozen that requires a simple checkbox and some text to make sure the customer "fully understands" what they are adding to their cart. If there is a tweek or hack we can imply with this contribution to do just that, please share. Thanks!
  24. kenz

    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    Jim I apologize. One more question. Have you guys worked out a situation when a product from a particular vendor may be backorded? The best thing I found for oscommerce was Individual Item Status 1.0 http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5644 - Do you have any thoughts to that if I'm using MVS? thank you so much for your input - much appreciated!!!
  25. kenz

    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    well said. Is it possible to get free shipping with one particular vendor with mvs? does the contrib already support that? On another note, is it possible to get live ups rate quotes from each vendor zip code? are there specific contribs you recommend for this? thanks in advance!