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  1. See my post above on this page - its been fixed. I spent months trying to fix it, but luckily someone else did!
  2. edsawkins

    paypal ipn + stock + qtpro

    Guys - Thank you so much - been spending ages on this and couldn't crack it. Cheers, Ed
  3. I have been trying for weeks to fix the issue of QT Pro and the more recent versions of paypal IPN working together. Im just not a good enough coder to work it out. Well someone has fixed it, if you look here - http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/2679 you can find the replacement files for paypal to make it QT Pro aware. The author of this work is Gaaalmp - you are a legend!!! Thanks for fixing this! Very much appreciated.
  4. As i posted above, use the AJAX Attribute manager contrib - that allows you to adjust the order. cheers, Ed
  5. Hi Solan, The AJAX Attribute Manager add-on solved that one for me. You can use that to move the sizes around into the order you want. Cheers, Ed
  6. edsawkins

    paypal ipn + stock + qtpro

    Im interested to see if this worked. Surely Im not the only person running Paypal IPN 2.3.x and QTPro... I really dont want to go back to paypal standard, but the volume of orders is starting to pick up now and the lack of stock control is a problem. Cheers, Ed
  7. edsawkins

    Products Purchased Report with Date Range

    Im getting all sales X6 as i have 6 manufacturers also. No product has been assigned to a manufacturer, so Inewmark's 22 Jan 09 fix results in no results at all. I dont understand enough about the code to fix it, basically i need to be able select manufacturer 0 - i.e. no manufacturer. Any suggestions - this report would be VERY useful to our store.
  8. Hi, Im having a problem with both the standard prepaid satchel and express post satchel - when an order is over 3Kgs they should not be shown as an option, but they are, and with zero cost. A couple of other posters are reporting the same - but I havent been able to find a solution. Anyone have any ideas? Here is the version of the file im using : $Id: apsat.php,v 1.27 2003/02/05 Would have though this bit of code in the file would do the job, but its not : if ($total_weight > 3) { $this->enabled = false; } thanks