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    authorize.net problems

    I know this is an old post, but I just solved this issue myself very easily and I thought I'd post what I did. I should say that I was using the standard auth.net bundled payment module. I had created my own MD5 hash and entered into the admin module. It turns out that Auth.net has a very specific way of processing the MD5 hash and OSC has to match it exactly. The good news is and the real answer is, if you are using Auth.net AIM module, according to the auth.net website, an MD5 hash is not required and provides no benefit because AIM transactions use SSL instead to verify authenticity. So all I did was remove the MD5 hash from the admin module, and instantly my transactions went through in OSC without error! I should mention that in my case, the transactions were being approved by auth.net as evidenced by the logging function mentioned earlier in this post. Russ