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  1. I am testing my newly built cart. I noticed this and not sure if it is normal. I cannot understand the logic of it. When the "CONFIRM ORDER" is clicked on the last page on my cart (just before redirecting and showing the PayPal login page at PayPal's website), the sales is ALREADY recorded under: admin >> Customers >> Orders admin >> Reports >> Customer Orders-Total And the status is "Preparing [PayPal Standard]". Why is the sales recorded before payment is made???
  2. SuperBaby

    paypal standard moule unable to pay via credit card

    Is it OK to turn this "ON"? This is said in the installation instruction: Just for your info, I tested the PayPal payment page using both FireFox (my default browser) and Chrome (seldom used). When I accessed with FireFox, I only saw the PayPal login box. But when I accessed with Chrome, I saw both the PayPal login box and also a credit card input form with the Country and Billing Address pre-filled. So it does check your cookies.
  3. SuperBaby

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Can I use Ultimate SEO URLs 5 if I have PHP5 installed but running MySQL4? Or should I use the normal version Ultimate SEO URLs? Also, the PHP requirements include "filter_var". What is this and how do I find out if I have this?