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    Products with no Orders

    Hi All, My stores have been running 10+ years now and have 1000's of products. I'm now looking to streamline the stores and remove all products that over the years have had minimul or zero sales. Is anyone aware of a contribution or Sql commend that will help to identify items with a total sales of say <= 2 and then easily delete them? Many Thanks :)
  2. Mort-lemur

    Products with no Orders

    Just uploaded as an update to the contribution here: https://apps.oscommerce.com/jVxEK in case anyone else will find a use for this. Thanks All
  3. Mort-lemur

    Products with no Orders

    .....Well that was easier than I thought I now have a new field that shows how many have been ordered since day 1 against each product:
  4. Mort-lemur

    Products with no Orders

    @raiwa Thank you so much - the SQL has highlighted that I have 900 + products that have never been ordered in the last ten or so years - some are new items so can stay for now - the others I will delete. I downloaded @Tsimi s Multiple Products Manager contribution from here : https://apps.oscommerce.com/jVxEK What I need to do now is modify the Multiple Products Manager Page to display the number of items ordered against each product, then I will be able to speed down each category choosing products to keep or delete..... Scratches head....
  5. Mort-lemur

    Paypal / OSC Rounding Totals

    Hi, I have noticed a bit of an anomaly sometimes when customers use paypal to check out. The order comments come back that the order value does not match the payment total - this is only ever by £0.01, but never the less its quite annoying - all I can think is that its something to do with rounding. I am using stock Paypal Standard module and my checkout process as far as this is concerned is also standard osc I never encountered this on my 2.2Rc2a stores using paypal IPN A screenshot is below:
  6. Gives the ability to create new customer accounts from the admin area. The Customer then receives an e-mail with randomly created password Gives the ability to manually create an order for a customer via admin. Invaluable for entering telephone orders onto your OSC Site. From 2 seperate 2.2 contributions - all credit to the original authors. Needs Order Editor to be installed for this to work, Download at: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7844/v,23 Yhe code could do with cleaning up to comply with 2.3.1 standards - but it works on my site, I wrote the install after I had actually installed, apologies if it contains errors. Download from: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8334 Thanks
  7. This subject has got us all racing round (again) making changes to our websites to comply (or at least what we understand as complying). I seem to remember us all doing this with the cookie law..... This makes some interesting reading: http://barker.co.uk/cookielaw So lets do all we can but not get too paranoid........
  8. @puddlec Thanks for the link. A lot of my customers are old farmers who do not use the internet - so email etc is out of the question. The link ou provided gives details on recording verbal consent - which I will do in the order comments box when compiling their order. Anyone got any further comments?
  9. OK I think I am almost there, apart from one little thing that does not seem to have been covered. Scenario is that a customer places an order by phone and we then enter his order on our website (manual order maker and order editor) this allows us to produce the invoice and process his order as a normal web order - problem is that he will not have seen our privacy policy or any of our GDPR statements. The only way I can see round this is to read each customer a rather long and boring statement such as Any comments or alternative solutions would be welcome....
  10. @14steve14 Thanks for the info on the analytics opt-out tool - I have now added a link to the privacy policy to point to this. I have MATC installed at the checkout confirmation page which I point with links to the Privacy Policy and the Conditions of the website plus I have added text to the create account pages with links to our privacy policy. I also have the system set up to attach a pdf version of our terms and conditions, shipping terms and privacy policy to all customer order confirmation emails Many Thanks
  11. OK I think I have done all I need to do?? Stopped using Google Analytics and deleted the code (I dont use it much anyway) Revised my privacy statement using the examples shown here: https://ico.org.uk/for-organisations/guide-to-data-protection/privacy-notices-transparency-and-control/privacy-notices-in-practice/ Added an option in the "My Account" section for customers to delete their account Unsubscibed ALL customers from the mailing list Sent email to all customers explaining about GDPR, Giving them links to our privacy policy, delete account function and telling them how to re-subscribe if they so wish Added a mondial popup to the site informing visitors about our revised privacy policy.
  12. Im taking a more proactive / drastic approach on this.... I intend unsubscribing everyone at a database level, then sending the email informing them that if they want to receive newsletters then to re-subscribe. I will also include a link to our revised privacy policy and a link to the account deletion page.
  13. Another scenario that I have been considering is that when a customer places an order by phone - we then enter his details on our site...... Im considering having a printed statement to read out to them regarding data collection etc.
  14. I guess we are al going to have to cease using Recover Carts Modules?
  15. Mort-lemur

    PayPal App for osCommerce Online Merchant

    Please ignore my post above - while I was writing the post it seemed to rectify itself ??!!?? Very odd but everything seems to be working as it should now. Many Thanks
  16. Mort-lemur

    PayPal App for osCommerce Online Merchant

    I have just installed the paypal app on my 2 sites - the first one went without issue and works as it should. However, I have installed on the second site and everything works as it should in Admin. BUT when a customer tries to add something to the shopping cart (or view the cart) just a white screen is displayed. The error in my error log is: PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class paypal_express in /home/myaccount/public_html/includes/modules/payment/paypal_express.php on line 17 Line 17 of paypal_express.php is as follows: class paypal_express { Any pointers on this would be greatly appreciated as my site is essentially now losing orders. Many Thanks
  17. Mort-lemur


    @@Dan Cole More "got it working" rather than updated - it still needs work - but it works well for my purposes of keeping my eye on orders at various statuses (awaiting approval, approved, in pack, despatched, delivered together with what is on each order without having to open the order up. To me a dashboard is a screen displaying the info I want at that particular time.
  18. Mort-lemur


    @@Dan Cole The one dashboard I could not live without is "orderlist"
  19. Just about sums up 2016:

  20. Mort-lemur

    Happy Holidays!

    @@Dan Cole Not really - its a good effort - even a slightly smiling face. But what would Santa say? Naughty List? (w00t)
  21. Mort-lemur

    Happy Holidays!

    Happy Christmas Everyone and Hope you all have a great year in 2017. Take a few seconds to remember those no longer with us, then raise a glass to them and have a great time, Remember we may be the ones not here this time next year!!! And stop being so miserable - where are all the xmas hats this year ???
  22. Mort-lemur

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    @@Jack_mcs Thanks Jack - I really should have known that - all is good now. :blush:
  23. Mort-lemur

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    Hi Jack, Couldnt find anything on this during a quick scan of the previous pages. I have just added .htaccess code to my site to redirect the whole site to SSL as per post #9 of this thread: http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/410451-time-to-get-secure-if-you-havent-already/ When I generate a new sitemap it generates the links as HTTP - is there a way I can change the sitemap so it will generate all links as HTTPS ? Many Thanks
  24. Ho Ho Ho.....

    1. Dan Cole

      Dan Cole

      Looks like she found her hat. Hum bug!

  25. Hi, Is the info on this post http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/404711-234-gold-edge-24/still good? Ie is the Edge version the most upto date? or is the Gold version as upto date as edge now? Many Thanks