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  1. @@Jack_mcs Thanks Jack
  2. Hi, Quick question: On 2.3.4 (or any other later version of OSC) if I delete a category which contains sub-categories and products within the sub-categories, will the database be cleared of the products, images and sub-categories? or will these be left sort of orphaned floating round the database somewhere? Many Thanks
  3. Hi, Just noticed that some of my embedded youtube videos were no longer working - Looks like the embed codes have been changed by youtube - if you have any embedded youtube videos I would suggest that you check they are still working. If not go to the youtube channel and get the new embed code. Thanks
  4. @@Dan Cole More "got it working" rather than updated - it still needs work - but it works well for my purposes of keeping my eye on orders at various statuses (awaiting approval, approved, in pack, despatched, delivered together with what is on each order without having to open the order up. To me a dashboard is a screen displaying the info I want at that particular time.
  5. @@Dan Cole The one dashboard I could not live without is "orderlist"
  6. @@Dan Cole Not really - its a good effort - even a slightly smiling face. But what would Santa say? Naughty List? (w00t)
  7. Happy Christmas Everyone and Hope you all have a great year in 2017. Take a few seconds to remember those no longer with us, then raise a glass to them and have a great time, Remember we may be the ones not here this time next year!!! And stop being so miserable - where are all the xmas hats this year ???
  8. @@Jack_mcs Thanks Jack - I really should have known that - all is good now. :blush:
  9. Hi Jack, Couldnt find anything on this during a quick scan of the previous pages. I have just added .htaccess code to my site to redirect the whole site to SSL as per post #9 of this thread: When I generate a new sitemap it generates the links as HTTP - is there a way I can change the sitemap so it will generate all links as HTTPS ? Many Thanks
  10. Been spending some time looking at Google realtime analytics, and have seen a Big increase in mobile users over the last couple of months as per the screenshot below. I didnt realise that Mobile was taking such a big lead.....
  11. @@14steve14 In my 2.3.4 store my password forgotton links are sent in Html (clickable format) There was a snippet of code posted on here some time ago to set this. I could be wrong but in password_forgotton.php at around line 40 I have this: // Send correct link when HTML email is used if( EMAIL_USE_HTML == 'true' ) { $reset_key_url = '<a href="' . $reset_key_url . '">' . $reset_key_url . '</a>'; }
  12. @@wHiTeHaT thank you :)
  13. I have noticed one of my suppliers websites is now What is this new www2 trickery?
  14. @@Gergely Thank you :) So if I understand correctly if I add that to my .htaccess it will redirect all requests to HTTPS and give 301's So there will be a slight blip on google rankings which should settle agfter a couple of weeks or so?