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  1. Hi All, We have received an email from our payment processor (Barclays EPDQ) advising that they are shutting down a the CPI emulator at the end of August and that all users should reintegrate their sites in accordance with this guide: https://support.epdq.co.uk/en/integration-solutions/integrations/cpi-migration-guide I think the original developers of the OSC EPDQ module have long left the forum and may no longer be in business. Does anyone else use EPDQ and is facing the same problem? Any help greatly appreciated. Many Thanks
  2. Just about sums up 2016:

  3. Mort-lemur

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    @@Jack_mcs Thanks Jack - I really should have known that - all is good now. :blush:
  4. Mort-lemur

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    Hi Jack, Couldnt find anything on this during a quick scan of the previous pages. I have just added .htaccess code to my site to redirect the whole site to SSL as per post #9 of this thread: http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/410451-time-to-get-secure-if-you-havent-already/ When I generate a new sitemap it generates the links as HTTP - is there a way I can change the sitemap so it will generate all links as HTTPS ? Many Thanks
  5. Ho Ho Ho.....

    1. Dan Cole

      Dan Cole

      Looks like she found her hat. Hum bug!

  6. Looks like I have upset some people.....

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      Dan Cole

      I love it! What is the definition of insanity?

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      Don't worry they'll get over it. ;)

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      Where are you missed?

  7. Mort-lemur

    Paypal Order Emails showing wrong price

    @@Oza have a look at your paypal account and check to see if it has default shipping set up - ie adding shipping automatically at paypal.
  8. Very quiet in here .... Has everyone gone to a party I dont know about?? :)

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      A constant fresh breeze is much more preferable than a storm, don't you think so?

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      There is a complete responsive system. Usable, cheap and working.

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      Yes, it was a great party. You weren't invited. Tough! :)

  9. Not very festive in here.... where are the Hats ??!!??

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      I still have my tinfoil hat. Does that count?

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      I guess so - at least its a hat.... Does it stop the voices? :)

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      "Who said that?!" -- The Grand Curator, a.k.a. Number 9 Guy.

  10. Mort-lemur

    [CONTRIBUTION] Sloppy Words Cleaner

    Installed the latest version (21 Nov 2015 by @@raiwa) and its working great - thank you :) I would like to take this a step further as follows: I use Create account and Manual order maker, to allow me to input telephone orders, counter sales, and transfer over ebay sales for invoicing etc. In a lot of instances this involves cutting and pasting address, name etc. This mod has its own create_account.php located in the admin folder, which links to an admin/create_account_process.php Im pretty sure that this can be modified in a similar way to the catalog/create_account.php without much effort. My question is will I also need to add the file account_word_cleaner.php to the functions folder within admin. Many Thanks
  11. Mort-lemur

    Header Tags SEO

    @@Jack_mcs Thanks again Jack, all looking good now :)
  12. Mort-lemur

    Header Tags SEO

    @@Jack_mcs Thanks Jack - sorted it now that I knew where to look - it was conflicting with some other code that I have now moved - all is good. All I need to work out now is how to get rid of the default heading before the categories name on category pages.... Many Thanks
  13. Mort-lemur

    Header Tags SEO

    @@Jack_mcs Hi Jack, Spending some time trying to boost my SEO, and have noticed something: I have added Header Tags Categories Description to my categories (the large box at the bottom) and it only appears on the lowest level category and not its parents - where is the code located that adds this below the category titles? as I may have accidently removed it when carrying out changes to my site. eg: Home Page Category: Clothing (does not show) Child Category: Mens (does not show) Grandchild: Trousers (Description shows) Many Thanks
  14. Mort-lemur

    Do not skip checkout_confirmation.php with paypal express.

    @@Dan Cole Im actually using PP Express without the app - as the app seems to have teething problems, and nobody is answering support threads on the app - its @Haralds baby and he isnt around much these days. I have noticed a sharp rise in the number of people checking out with paypal rather than my card system since the facility for login with paypal and instant update were enabled.
  15. Mort-lemur

    Do not skip checkout_confirmation.php with paypal express.

    Paypal standard should not skip the usual OSC checkout process. Also I think the Paypal App brings the buyer back to the site to confirm the purchase even when using PP Express.