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  1. Mort-lemur

    Annoying Paypal Loop

    I have suddenly found myself unable to take any payments via PayPal on my 2.3.4 site using the PayPal app. I made some changes to the site which failed so had to ask the host to do a files and database restore to a point before I made the changes. However, I now have this annoying issue - when a customer elects to pay by PayPal he is taken to the PayPal site to login etc. The item cost only is shown (without shipping), he is then taken back to the site to confirm and pay. In doing so he is taken back to the PayPal site again - this time with shipping included. He is then taken back to the site to confirm again - and so starts an endless loop between PayPal and our confirmation page. There are no errors shown in the error log and my host assures me that no changes have been made to the server. Has anyone come across this before? Many Thanks
  2. Mort-lemur

    Updated Braintree App

    This is puzzling me - I have tried the installation 3 times now with the same result ie white screen on the orders.php page and under modules - payment - add modules it only lists 2 modules, not the usual 20 or so. Also when clicking on either of the two options in the new Admin Braintree box again it is white screen. There are no errors coming up in the error log When I remove the files the admin again works as it should. Site is a 2.3.4 build Anyone have this mod up and running? Thank You
  3. Mort-lemur

    Updated Braintree App

    Ok thank you
  4. Mort-lemur

    Updated Braintree App

    Hi is this app still supported? Having a few issues.... Thanks
  5. Mort-lemur

    2.3.4 - Recommendation for Payment Processor

    Thanks Jack - I only take orders from the UK. I already have manual order maker and order editor installed as well as master password, so adding orders is not a problem. But with EPDQ i could enter payment details manually as "cardholder not present" transactions which gave me an authorization code to pass to the customer on the Barclays site, rather than "pretending" to be the customer entering the details.
  6. Mort-lemur

    2.3.4 - Recommendation for Payment Processor

    Thanks I'll take a look - I presume this is the one? https://old.oscommerce.com/fLJ7x&braintree-app-v3
  7. Mort-lemur

    2.3.4 - Recommendation for Payment Processor

    Updating to V4 is on the Horizon - once it is more "mature" eg once it actually has prices against some more of the add-ons. I don't want to commit to the change if add-ons I need are not available or are £££££ My sites are running on 2.3.4 with MTS to make them mobile friendly and apart from the EPDQ changes (by Barclays Bank) run as smooth as clockwork. I already use PayPal, but a lot of my customers prefer to use a credit card system or phone us to pay.
  8. Hi All, I'm looking for a recommendation for a payment processor to integrate into my UK site which is running on a modified 2.3.4 system For the past 8 years I have been using Barclays EPDQ without issue until Barclays decided to change their integration, so my site no longer communicates with Barclays - unfortunately the original producers of the EPDQ module have long gone. So I'm looking to change to a new module (Stripe? Worldpay?) and looking for some comments from users of these (or any other systems). I need to integrate into my payment page, with the customer being transferred to the processors page to make payment. I also need to be able to take telephone payments when a customer calls to pay. Thank You
  9. Mort-lemur

    Payment methods

    Any intention of adding Barclays EPDQ to the list?
  10. Just about sums up 2016:

  11. Mort-lemur

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    @@Jack_mcs Thanks Jack - I really should have known that - all is good now. :blush:
  12. Mort-lemur

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    Hi Jack, Couldnt find anything on this during a quick scan of the previous pages. I have just added .htaccess code to my site to redirect the whole site to SSL as per post #9 of this thread: http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/410451-time-to-get-secure-if-you-havent-already/ When I generate a new sitemap it generates the links as HTTP - is there a way I can change the sitemap so it will generate all links as HTTPS ? Many Thanks
  13. Ho Ho Ho.....

    1. Dan Cole

      Dan Cole

      Looks like she found her hat. Hum bug!

  14. Looks like I have upset some people.....

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      Dan Cole

      I love it! What is the definition of insanity?

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      Don't worry they'll get over it. ;)

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      Where are you missed?

  15. Mort-lemur

    Paypal Order Emails showing wrong price

    @@Oza have a look at your paypal account and check to see if it has default shipping set up - ie adding shipping automatically at paypal.