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  1. Thanks for the jumpstart in getting this feature installed. I found $lc_text = $button; in product_listing.php. When I did the replace you suggested, no changes are showing on site. Because I am using "new products" infobox on home page, I thought there might also need to be changes there (new_products.php)? Any ideas on what I need to do to get this working or at least suggested resources I can find out more about how to integrate this into my site? Would be great if I can do it myself (even with little php knowledge I have) but if I have to hire a coder, instead of needling for answers here on the forums, I'd like to know as much as I can before proceeding. Thank you for any insights.
  2. I also would like to add an additional thanks to Spooks. This mod is one of the best/biggest improvements I've seen for oscommerce! Much appreciation.
  3. Thanks for the insights. I just didn't know what to expect (if it was stable yet, etc). If I run into any big snags, I'll make sure to share. Thanks again.
  4. Great News! - I was crossing my fingers this would work in index.php. Before I set it up, can you give me a brief idea of what the issues are? So so I can know what to look out for. Anything major? Thanks.
  5. I hope this is the right place for this topic. I'm not even sure if this is possible, but I'm trying to figure out how to insert a small field so customers can enter their desired quantity of a product before they click the "buy now" button. I've seen a lot of carts with this. Something like this was visible on the products page at original install, but since I installed Product Listing Enhancements, the feature isnt' showing up. In fact, before I go searching for code, I wanted to make sure it's possible to have this field on index.php (on my root), such as in the "New Produts" infobox. So essentially, there would be a little box next to the the "buy now" and "details" link for all the product listings. With Oscommerce, I wasn't' sure if a cookie/session variable had to be started first for the feature to work (e.g. the visitor would have to go a page deep before the feature worked). I would love to know if this can work on the index page, and if it can, please give me some suggesting as to where I might find the code/where I would install it. Thank you.
  6. andrew99

    Graphical Borders

    Thank you - I don't know why I missed that one. I kept messing with .mws_boxTop_main. Anyway, looks much better now.
  7. andrew99

    Graphical Borders

    Powerful mod! Just a quick newbie question about the infobox header text. After installing Graphical Borders, I edited the top three graphics of the infoboxes to match the look of my site. But now the title text of the infoboxes is riding too low. I tested CSS variations with .mws_boxTop_main and others but haven't been able to get anywhere. Any ideas on what I need to do to get the title text to move up a bit in the infoboxes? Thanks for any suggestions.
  8. My apoligies - I think I put this post in the wrong place (after examining code for several hours). I will create it again in Graphical Borders.
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    [Contribution] Infobox Admin

    I installed the mod and got this message 1146 - Table 'commerce.TABLE_THEME_CONFIGURATION' doesn't exist select configuration_column AS cfgcol, configuration_title AS cfgtitle, configuration_value AS cfgvalue, configuration_key AS cfgkey, box_heading from TABLE_THEME_CONFIGURATION WHERE configuration_value = 'yes' AND configuration_column = 'left' ORDER BY location [TEP STOP] I'm not great at coding - any ideas on where I might start looking to fix this problem?
  10. Powerful mod! Just a quick newbie question about the infobox header text. With the design I have, I need to mover the header text up a bit (I't resting on the bottom of the infobox header graphic). I've been struggling with the stylesheet for hours. Any ideas on where I can make this change?