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  1. When your customer is passed from your store to paypal, you can customize what page they see. This can be selected at Paypal under your Profile.


    Enter your email address there. That's the email address where you receive error messages during testing. After testing is done and no other erros are shown, clear that box.

    Set the server to SANDBOX to test. Besides that, there are more things to set. Here's a guide Sandbox User Guide


    If you are NOT using paypal payment buttons on your site, "encrypted web payments" set to false and ignore public keys and private certificates. You don't need them.


    This may come in handy also Paypal Website Payments Standard Setup for osCommerce

  2. Hi - Is there someone on this forum who could help me with a few questions on setting up my paypal standards for my OSCommerce? :rolleyes:


    I tried getting help through Paypal...they passed it off to my webhost, which is Bluehost, who then passed it off to this forum. I am a little bit scared, since I don't see very many questions being answered on here.

    PLEASE send me to someone who can answer the following simple questions, I would so appreciate some help here.


    I already have a premier paypal account, but was uncertain as to how to fill in the few questions that are being asked on the payment module in the Paypal standards section in the OSCommerce shopping cart.


    I have Questions like what is the "page style" and the "debug address", etc.... I was not sure what they meant. Also, can I test it...if so- does anyone know how to do that? (In very simple terms please.)


    Also, I didn't know what my private key or public certificate should say, or where to get that information.


    I have a live website, and have finished my shipping module. I am trying to sell numerous products online.


    I would be eternally grateful, THANKS!!!