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  1. Steve

    advanced search tweaks

    1. Look in the advance_search_result.php and half way down or so you will find a line that looks like this default: $where_str .= "(p.products_keywords like '%" . addslashes($search_keywords[$i]) . "%' or p.products_model like '%" . addslashes($search_keywords[$i]) . "%'"; $where_str .= ')'; I included a new field called products_keywords the products_?????? will be different, but follow this format to include your new fields to the search. 2. To make the search in description on all the time - modify the line in advanced_search.php $info_box_contents[] = array('align' => 'right', 'text' => tep_draw_checkbox_field('search_in_description', '1', TRUE) . ' ' . TEXT_SEARCH_IN_DESCRIPTION); this will always have the check box on the page marked true. you also have to modify a piece of code since when the search is run from the search box, it will not include the description. I will look for that line and send it ASAP. Steve
  2. Steve

    Just released Live Support for osC

    I tried to follow the updates, but i went wrong along ths line. I am getting this error in the admin section when i click on the tools/live support TABLE_LS_VARIABLES doesn't exist select v.color, a.ls_variable_option from ls_variables v, TABLE_LS_ATTRIBUTES a where v.color = a.ls_attributes_id I looked and the sql script did not create these two tables and they were not in the install text to add the define statemnts to the application_top.php Can anyone help me out ?????? Thanks