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  1. Hello there. I've been running my site for years and, since Nov 2011, with the SagePay server module. In the last few days, I have had a couple of customers in the USA get a SagePay Checkout Error when they try to pay. I have contacted SagePay who say that my site is not sending them the two-digit code for US States. I have had orders from the USA many times before with no problem, so I just wonder if anyone else has suddenly started having this fault occur and what they did to fix it?! Alas, the guy that built that aspect of the site is no longer around and my PHP skills a virtually zilch. Any help / advice / pointers appreciated! Oh, in case anyone wants to look at my Checkout online, the site is www.smellyourmum.com - don't go if easily offended though!
  2. spitlikethis

    Sage Pay Form V1.1

    Any updates on this cartid thing?
  3. spitlikethis

    SagePay Decryption problem

    Hiya - Sam, did you find where to put the code? Despite having my site since 2004 these problems have just started to occur!
  4. OK, I have fixed the colour problem (Stylesheet - duh!) but still no joy with the image. Have checked the usual suspects but, unless I am missing something obvious, cannot see where I have gone wrong. Anyone else got this problem?
  5. anyone got any thoughts or advice on the above?
  6. Hi Hope someone can help. Have installed the mod and, from what I can make out, it is all working OK.. My problems are more cosmetic. For some reason, the colours within the table aren't the same as on the Create Account page but I can't see what the problem is. There is also a Table Background graphic that isn't showing although it is listed. New page https://sslrelay.com/smellyourmum.com/catalog/Order_Info.php Create Account for the comparison https://sslrelay.com/smellyourmum.com/catal...ate_account.php if anyone could point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it! Cheers
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    I have this problem in my catalog

    Hi I have exactly the same error message - have tried both suggestions above but they didn't resolve it. Did you have any luck with yours??