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  1. The first version I got (or the package I got) didnt come with a docs section. I have the EP_v2_76f_r1_MS2 now. I may have some other issues I may wish to PM you on at a later time. So far seems to be working.
  2. Ok I think I fixed it. First off some of the problem was stupidity as I overlooked the fact that the other items were in a subcat. So I increased the subcat count to 10 instead of the default 7. That made my other products show up. So three problems down and back to testing.
  3. Well I dont know what else information to give you other than what its doing. I can give you an example of the feed Im using. Other than that Im not sure what to do. The feed is from an adult store so I dont wanna post it outright. I dont know if thats acceptable here or not.
  4. I have a major problem. Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere but I didnt find it. I am uploading a product feed. This feed takes one ceartain product and makes multiple categories for it. 1 product in each category. I noticed the database category description had a var char of like 32 I think (the feed was 36). I increased that to 40 and solved the problem of getting multiple cats. now I have a new problem. It says that there are 56 items in the category but when you go to the category it only shows one product. Any suggestions?