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  1. Nil points for being stupid! Didn't read the instructions properly where it says: ... insert it into your database: ALTER TABLE `countries` ADD `countries_currencyid` VARCHAR(3) DEFAULT 'GBP' NOT NULL; Easy! I shall curl up in a corner (mentally, not literally) and feel stupid for today, whilst changing currencies manually. TTFN
  2. Hello! I am trying to install this mod. I am running osC version 2.2 rc2a The instructions state: 'If you look at your "Countries" table in your database, you will need to change the countries_currencyid field for any countries that you wish to have a different currency for.' My "Countries" table doesn't have a countries_currencyid field. Fields in "Countries" are: countries_id countries_name countries_iso_code_2 countries_iso_code_3 address_format_id However, a countries_currencyid field is in the "Currencies" table. Fields here are: currencies_id title code symbol_left symbol_right decimal_point thousands_point decimal_places value last_updated In both tables the first field (countries_id and currencies_id) is set to auto_increment. I am not quite sure how this would work now, could you give me a hint? Let me know if you need any further info, bearing in mind that I am not too clever with mysql and/or php. Thanks