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  1. Hi thanks for all your help so far, the is a great contrib, i found out that in you have to use absolute links to images hence why they are not displaying, just incase someone else is having the same problem. I have played witht the .js file a bit and managed to get the images static, and also move them down in to the blank white box next to the close button on the light box. \promblem i am facing is in firefox it works perfect, in IE it is not proper, because i am using the CCS file to move it. i have a hunch that there should be a method to have the NEXT and Previos button fixed in the open whitespace nect to the close button, any one have any idea
  2. GUI Hi thanks for that, i done what you said and it has added Image 1 of 4 on the popup but it still does not have the previous and next buttons, can anyone tell me where this function is on the code i will see if mine is there Thnkx again :)
  3. Hi Just a Quicky, lightbox works a treat just 2 problems 1. If page load is not complete and image is clicked opens in new tab 2. more important one, there is no next and previous buttons on the pop up any ideas Thank for a great contrib