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    Another question, sorry: Is it possible to clear the shopping cart after submitting your quote request? Because when the customer adds the quoted "item(s)", the previous shopping cart items are still there. I don't trust "average" people to understand that they need to remove the items from the cart.
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    Thank you, you have saved me a lot of work!
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    Yes, I have those as well, but I want it to show up as, for example: 2x Microsoft Sidewinder 1x Bubble Blower 3x Other Things My customers will be buying more than one of each thing, in fact, hundreds to thousands of each item.
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    OK, it adds what's on the shopping cart page, but it doesn't add the amount of each item. Is this possible?
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    I was wondering... I tried your Quotes script a little while back and it only had the option for one item and not the entire shopping cart. Does the latest version have this, or do you have any plans of adding this later on? The development of this would be quite helpful to many of us!