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  1. It works now for me as well. I think I used a link for an add-on by mistake yesterday.
  2. Thanks, I got it sorted now. I made the mistake not to give an alternative value in case the module constant is not defined, so some of the properties were not defined in modules.php. By the way the dropbox download of the W3 version only contained empty folders, so I had to check out the Vanilla version. Thomas
  3. Hi, I just started last week to upgrade our osCommerce web shop ( an MS 2.2 version that has been continuously modded, patched and upgraded over the years) from PHP 7.4 to PHP 8.1. For the time being this is only in a test environment (XAMPP). Whilst the corrections to the code I made so far were more or less straightforward (like described already in this thread), I hit now upon a major problem: Apparently PHP8 does not accept undefined constants anymore. Any occurrence of these result in fatal errors. This leads for instance to the modules not displaying anymore in admin if there are some uninstalled modules amongst those, as the configuration keys for those would not be in the configuration table in the database. When I add some code to the corresponding module script that checks whether the constants are defined before referencing them, I can get the modules displayed in admin, but still I am unable to install the uninstalled modules. I checked the module scripts for the latest version, but they are virtually identical to the ones in the older version, that is still relying on the use of potentially undefined constants. I wonder whether anybody has managed to get the modules functions to work with PHP8, and if yes how. Thomas
  4. Thomas789

    International Credit Card Payments with Paypal

    That applies to any credit card transaction, not just international ones. But for the latter that number seems to have been reduced to 0. You can test it by selecting a delivery address other than the UK. The Paypal payment page will force you to sign up for an account.
  5. Thomas789

    International Credit Card Payments with Paypal

    I emailed them, and I am still waiting for a reply. The phone support is useless though in this respect. Their call centre people don't have a clue about this.
  6. We are using Paypal IPN on our cart, which should customers allow to pay without a Paypal account as well. However, we are getting an increasing number of complaints from customers who are forced to open a Paypal account after checkout. We did tests ourselves and found that this seems to be indeed the case for international payments. Apparently Paypal does not allow international credit card payments anymore without opening a Paypal account. As our website is targeted for the French market only (in French and running on a French domain), practically 100% of the sales will be from customers in France (or French overseas territories) not the UK (where we are located). We are losing therefore many customers (estimated 30%) who, for one or the other reason, do not want to open a Paypal account when paying. Does somebody have more info on this, and maybe suggestions how the setup could be changed to allow credit card payments also for international customers? Would signing up for Paypal Pro allow this, or are there the same restrictions in place?
  7. Thomas789

    How does the Stripe module work?

    Hi, Could somebody briefly explain how a correctly installed Stripe module would be working? Would the customer stay on our website all the time? I installed the Stripe 1.1 module on our cart (based on v 2.2) but when confirming the order nothing happens, but this could obviously be due to the fact that we don't have an account with Stripe yet. Thomas
  8. Thomas789

    Paypal Express Redirects to Login Page

    Hi, I installed the 'Paypal Express Checkout' ( http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,5658/ ) on my OSC cart (a modified 2.2 MS2 version), but rather than going to Paypal when clicking the 'Checkout with Paypal' button it redirects me to the login page (which I do not want as I want to give customers the opportunity to buy items without having an account). I also tried the 'PayPal Pro Direct Payments & Express Checkout' (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/3647/v,22 ) with the same result. When I remove the redirect to the login page at the top of the ext/modules/payment/paypal/express.php (for the first contribution), I am directed to Paypal but after completing the payment there, I am being redirected back to the login page on my website (and no payment is recorded on Paypal). Could somebody tell me what I would have to do to actually have an 'Express' checkout without forcing people to sign up for an account? If not with these two modules, would it work with the 'PayPal Express Checkout and Website Payments Pro (Official Payment Module)' (http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,7184/ )? From the setup instructions of this one, it seems that it is possible to have the direct Paypal checkout, but this module is based on the RC2a version , and I wonder whether it would work for a MS2 versions as well. Thomas