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  1. tastentiger

    German language 2 - Installation problem

    hey TommyBerlin, thanx for your quick help! i got it (forgot to upload one file :unsure: ). ...hirni... but: neither in the catalog-folder nor in the admin-folder i can find en_EN.xml. the only included language-file is en_US.xml (and the folder en_US)... [oscommerce-3.0a5] thanx again! good work!
  2. hello, i'm a newbie to osc and hope to get help. i tried to install the german language 2 package and followed the instructions. but nothing did happen, i only have the default language (catalog & admin). i am a little bit confused by different orders in the documentation file: - where can i find en_EN.xml? it's not included in the package... - where can i import the language package? configuration -> languages? here can i only choose the (default) US-english. - (why) is it necessary to import the package after uploading all included files? in my expectation i only have to upload some files and then can choose (in configuration > languages) which language i want to use. thanks for any kind of help!