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  1. neildavison

    [Contribution] Discount Coupon Codes

    just installed this contribution which is awesome thank you!!! but id like the error message that apears at the top of the screen to say its not a valid code to aprear just above the coupon box in red or yellow if thats possible, can anyone help please? and is it also possible to change the colour of the text where on the confirmation page it says Dicount code 'xxx' used:- thank you if you can help.
  2. neildavison

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Thank you for your replys, unfortunatly i have no idea how to do any of those suggestions. thank you anyway for your help.
  3. neildavison

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    I hope someone can help please, i have set up all my products, then when i go on each product and use this app to load the template of sizes and prices i have saved, then go to the next product and do the same, if i edit the template on the next product and save it as template, it only saves the changes on that one product not all products on my website. ie the template is not loading on all my products that are using that template. basically what im wanting is all my products to use the same template, then when want to change the Attributes such as size or price, but i only want to edit and save the template once, not go into each product and change them manually, will take forever! is this possible? thanks
  4. neildavison

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    i have added a template to all my items, but i thought that if i altered the template on one item and overwrite the template it would alter the prices for every product i have? but it does not? Can you help me please!
  5. neildavison

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    I've added this and now my Catorgories/products page will not load, all i get it a blank page?
  6. neildavison

    paypal website payment standards - where is ipn.php?

    when u download the Paypal modual ADDON off this forum, its in the folder u unzip.. i got paypal standard so for me its.. paypal_standard_1_0\catalog\ext\modules\payment\paypal/standard_ipn.php
  7. neildavison

    Using Paypal without an account

    i would be very interested in this too, it even took me a while to find the link to pay without a paypal account!
  8. its ok i changed the number of results per page in the Maximum Values admin bit. another questions, is there a way to REMOVE the SORT BY field drop down menu?
  9. its ok, done it!! looked at the line 295 again, and added SMALL_IMAGE_WIDTH, SMALL_IMAGE_HEIGHT) where PRODUCT_IMAGE_WIDTH was. but id still like to know how to get rid of the blank line ABOVE each product please. and also how do i change the numbers in the drop down menu for the number of images shown on the page at once, i'd rather it went 10, 20, 30..., show all?
  10. yeah ive changed the Product Listing Style to thumbnails in grid, thats how i want it to look. i also went to line 295 and changed : $products['products_name']), PRODUCT_IMAGE_WIDTH, '') to : $products['products_name']), PRODUCT_IMAGE_HEIGHT, '') but the images were their original size. I still dont know how to get all thumbnails in the grid to be the same height. when i highlight the grid i can see that there are blank lines above and below each product image, im asuming these are where other info would be, but i've disabled it, is there a way to get rid of these spaces so it looks neater? ** UPDATE** I managed to remove the blank line under each product by cutting out two line on line 296:- // $buypic = (LISTING_BUTTON == 'buy now' ? 'button_in_cart.gif' : 'button_buy_now.gif'); // $button = (LISTING_BUTTON != 'none' && PRODUCT_LIST_BUY_NOW ? (LISTING_BUTTON == 'buy now & details' ? '<br><a href="' . I just need to get rid of the line ABOVE the product and change the images to all be the same height, not width. I'd greatly appreciate your help please. Neil
  11. ok well i looked through your 44 pages post and found that, but i cant find the produc_listing.php, was it meant to be 'product_listing.php'? and that code isnt in the 'product_listing.php', well i couldn't find it. and in the admin settings i have played about with the settings and the hieghts of the boxes etc, but its not the same as my first page! i want the product_listing page to look like this.... http://www.neildavison.co.uk/catalog/ i just cant change the heights of the images! please tell me how to do it! Neil
  12. yes and only thing i can change is:- 'Product Listing Image Width' Not the height! please help me, i'd like it looking the same as the New Products page! Pretty please
  13. i dont know how sam, ive read the text file and nothing about changing the grid layout, can you help me make it look them same please!
  14. id like the images on this page.. http://www.neildavison.co.uk/catalog/index.php?cPath=22 to look like the ones on this page... http://www.neildavison.co.uk/catalog/ I think if i could set the heights rather then the widths it would look neater, but in the admin setting i can only choose widths?? please help!