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  1. friebj99

    Products Attributes Sort v1.0

    I am also having the sorting problem on the site because I have the "options as images" contribution on my site. Is there a fix so that I can use both contributions?
  2. friebj99

    Formating Issue

    I actually just uploaded a different product_listing.php page and the formatting is fine now.
  3. friebj99

    Formating Issue

    I had recently purchased a template from template monster. The template was installed successfully and I have been making subtle changes. One thing I noticed is that one of the subcategory pages (http://test9.strattapparel.com/index.php?cPath=23_24) is all formatted wrong. I'm a little new to OSC so I'm not sure what could possibly be wrong if the index.php page is working fine, as well as other c path subcategory pages. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Justin