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  1. shu keat

    how do i change the design of the box?

    If you are talking about background, text size and font, border, etc, those are all in catalog/stylesheet.css. Also check the oscommerce documentantion. thanks for ur reply,about the text size and font i know how to change. but i wonder how to change the border style???
  2. can anyone tell me how do i change the design of the box? i m trying to change the design of the box but i don't know how to do it. so i hope to get some help from u all.....
  3. shu keat

    header and column

    hi i actually face some problem, i tried to move the currencies and languanges from column right to header. i don1 to place it at column right. but i failed to do that. did any one of u try to do this before. can anyone give me some ideas or guildlines on how to make it.... thanks regard...
  4. shu keat

    Set Language as default?

    wow it works...thanks.....
  5. shu keat

    Custom Computer Creator v9 Support

    hi, i wan to change the drop down list become radio button at the os commerce windows that we display our product. when we display and let the customer to customize the products, i wan the drop down list become radio button. can you teach me how to do. thanks.