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    You can find my contributions at:<br />http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions/search,2517<br /><br />You can find pre-2006 contributions at:<br />http://www.oscommerce.com/community?contributions=&search=celia+wessen&category=all<br /><br />If you have questions concerning the contibutions I've packaged, please contact me at: celia at the-domainname-of-my-website.
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  1. celiawessen

    Shipping Fees by Total Purchase

    Thank you, I didn't notice that I could switch between purchase price v.s. total weight.
  2. Is there a feature/contribution for osC where one can set the shipping fees according to the total purchase price of the order? Like this: Total Puchase <-> Shipping $0.01~$9.99 <-> $10.00 $10.00~$19.99 <-> $18.00 $20.00~$49.99 <-> $23.00 $50.00~ <-> $25.00
  3. Wow! This is great! Except that Excel cannot read csv files written in EUC very well. See, I run the Japanese version of OSC 2.2-CSV. There are three major Japanese encoding schemes, S-JIS, JIS, and EUC. Japanese UNIX programmers have always used EUC as their character encoding scheme. So PHP still likes to use flat text files in EUC. But with the popularity of Windows and Mac OS, programs like Excel use S-JIS as its encoding scheme. So, if I try to import the CSV file downloaded using EasyPopulate, all the Japanese character become jumbled up. So, I have to first use a text editing program that can read/write EUC and S-JIS, to open the EUC csv file, save as a S-JIS csv file, then finally open it using Excel. This is a minor inconvenience but if anybody else asks, I did it and so can they.