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  1. Hi,


    We have installed the trustpilot module for mailbeez but get following error on our site


    - Warning: I am able to write to the configuration file: /home/xxx/public_html/includes/configure.php. This is a potential security risk - please set the right user permissions on this file.


    We have tried to change the file admissions to 444 and similar but it just reverse back to 644 again, we did not have that problem before installing this module


    - Also when we click at Mailbeez link in admin, we are forwarded to the startpage of our site


    How to solve this issues

  2. I have one very strange problem, my OPC is very slow...it takes forever for the loading window to show the billing and shipment options after customer fill in their name and adress fields and also shows the checkout button in the end, frustrating and many customers leaves before closing order


    How can i speed this up, is there any settings i can do


    I read something about cache and session settings


    All advice is helpful

  3. Header Tags doesn't control the url's so the problem is elsewhere in your code.


    Can anyone bee little bit more specific how and what i should write in all those empty fields in admin such as tags, description etc etc


    It seems taht many fields are just dublets

  4. It sounds like you didn't install it correctly since you are not seeing a title change, as explained in the docs. And since you didn't post the results of the test script, I assume you didn't try that either.



    Very strange, i have done as it says but look at the tags and headlines for www.modevaskor.com


    All i still the same as before the contrib was installed

  5. Did you follow the instructions in the How To Operate file?



    Yes i have but still dont understand how to write the keywords for each page


    So I choose on file and the just ad same keywords in all fields?


    What about all those boxes with Google, Language etc etc...which one should be choosen?