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  1. Hi. I have installed version 3.34 of this contribution together with the last two fixes on a 2.2rca shop and everything just works fine as far I can see. My only question is: Has anybody achieved to link coupons to the order # a coupon has been used with? Is there any sollution if I would like to see for which order numbers a specific coupon code has been used with? Or even better: Is there a way to link the coupon to the products that it was used to purchase? Any hint will be greatly appreciated. tom
  2. Tom172


    o.k. thanks anyway! and sorry for posting all that spam in your thread ;) tom
  3. Tom172


    ok. another try to narrow it down. Just did a new install, new setup. on admin screen 1. hit delete and create new reference file => works (does create a new file that I can see via ftp) 2. hit "execute sitemonitor" => works, shows "Run Sitemonitor. Reference file is not deleted. No mismatches found" 3. hit "Manually Execute Sitemonitor" => works, get new screen showing: and have receive the admin email. 4. hit "Manually Check for Hacked Files" (unchecked checkbox for use exclude file, as it is most likely empty) => hit update get a new page with the results, telling me that: "Checked 191 directories containing a total of 1405 files. Skipped 1123 files. 77 suspected hacked files found. " Now, I would like to add those "suspected hacked files" to the exclude file as I don´t think they are actually hacked. => check the very first checkbox in the exclude column which activates all other exclude checkboxes, => check the "Overwrite Exclude File: " checkbox, as I already know that it is capable of creating a new file, => hit update => get a new blank screen. If I use brower´s back button it´ll resend the form go to ftp, check the file sitemonitor_hacker_excludes_.txt = still 0kb still nothing in there go back to admin screen doing the same again (but this time checked the box for use of exclude file => and again get the same "77 suspeckted hacked files" I just don´t understand why your system would just work fine with those functions: delete/create reference fild, run site monitor, check for hacked files, but would fail with that addition of files to the exclude file, if I messed something up during installation. Just want to add the following: I just checked my providers log files and obviously something tries to create and open that file: "sitemonitor_hacker_exclude" However! 1) the file is called "sitemonitor_hacker_exclude" at action "create" but it is called "sitemonitor_hacker_excludes_" (see the last "s") at action "open" => does it have two different names by any reason? 2) the file extension ".txt" is missing on both instances of the logfile, where the logfile for example shows the file extension where e.g. "sitemonitor_log_0.txt" is involved in an action. As I have stated above: this is a fresh install of your contribution. I have not made any changes to your files other than to the configuration file.
  4. Tom172


    and I just checked: checkboxes in general work everywhere else in admin as well as on catalog side.
  5. Tom172


    I could not activate the checkbox with a mouse click while browsing admin file. However when I entered a '1' into sitemonitor admin . php file directly it became accessible.
  6. Tom172


    to post an update: Without any success I tried to change sitemonitor_admin.php in the following lines /********************** END CHECK COMMON SECURITY HOLES *********************/ $fileDeleted = false; $foundErrors = 0; $hackedFiles = array(); $hackedFiles = array(); $hackedResult = false; $showErrors = 0; $useExcludeFile = '1'; //if enabled, code will use the disk file with stored files in the hacker file search $overwriteExcludeFile = ''; //if enabled, a new hacker exclude list will be built $actionDelete = (isset($_POST['action_delete']) ? $_POST['action_delete'] : false); $actionExecute = (isset($_POST['action_execute']) ? $_POST['action_execute'] : false); $actionManual = (isset($_POST['action_manual']) ? $_POST['action_manual'] : false); $actionHackerCheck = (isset($_POST['action_hacker_check']) ? $_POST['action_hacker_check'] : false); $actionHackerExclude = (isset($_POST['action_hacker_exclude']) ? $_POST['action_hacker_exclude'] : false); $action = (isset($_POST['action']) ? $_POST['action'] : false); if (tep_not_null($action)) { /********************** CHECK THE VERSION ***********************/ changed only that line: $useExcludeFile = ''; //if enabled, code will use the disk file with stored files in the hacker file search to: $useExcludeFile = 1; //if enabled, code will use the disk file with stored files in the hacker file search it still does not write to that file, or create a new one. However the system does create the log files and reference files as it is supposed to. The question now is: why does it not use the exclude file?
  7. Tom172


    I am not sure, but I think my question may be related to the above quoted post. (The portion of it that relates to the exclude file) When I run the "Manually Check for Hacked Files" from site monitor admin and then go to the results page and check the "Exclude" (second column from the right) and also on the very end of the list check the "Overwrite Exclude File: Create a new exclude file, if checked, or add to the existing one." => and then hit "update" The next screen remains blank. If I use browsers return button it sends the form again. I tried with latest firefox and safari browsers. I checked the file "sitemonitor_hacker_excludes.txt" and it is still empty. I renamed the file to "sitemonitor_hacker_excludes0.txt" (see above quote) run site monitor again and the file is still empty. I gave 755 permissions on that file, just to try. The file remains empty. In site monitor admin I can not check the "Use Exclude File: Use the exclude file, if present, to filter the results." The checkbox seems to be inactiv prior to running manual check. Could it be that this occurs as a consequence to my first problem and the manual edit of the site monitor configuration file? Can anyone help me with this one? Thank you. Tom
  8. Tom172


    Thank You altoid! I was just to focused on Site Monitor so I did not check the OSC_SEC support thread. Yes, changing the sitemonitor_configure_0.php file by hand and then upload it solves the problem. Thank you
  9. Tom172


    Well, it seems that its not IP Trap Contribution that is causing that error, but OSC_SEC. "REASON FOR BAN: postShield() listed item is banned: eval(. " Is there anything I can do except uninstalling OSC_SEC?
  10. Tom172


    Hi. on a 2.2rca shop I've just installed the latest 2.9 SiteMonitor. And every time I try to run the first configuration I end up beeing banned most likely by the IP Trap 5.2 First: I have not installed http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7509 as mentioned before in this thread. I have OSC_SEC and Security Pro 2.07 installed. back to the problem: In 1st configuration I try to exclude the folders 'admin', 'personal', and just to be sure some more. This works only by adding those folders manually as I get banned when I select those folders from the drop down. Again: As soon as I click update => I get banned and nothing is saved of course. I searched this thread as good as I can, could not find a solution to this. Can someone give me a hint where to look at? Thank you
  11. Tom172

    IP trap Version 3 released

    I have installed IP Trap 5.2 on a 2.2rca shop. It looks as if everything just works fine, except the whitelist does not recognize me. I tried what someone advised earlier: remove the short IP addresses. With no result. Even if my IP Address is the only one in whitelist.txt (and it is removed from ip_trapped.txt) it doesn´t recognize me. This is no big problem. I am just asking for better understanding. One other question is: For what reason would I want to have all these IP Addresses into the whitelist?
  12. Tom172

    [Contribution] MATC

    Hello. I have the latest 2.34 MATC running on a 2.2rca oscommerce store. And have just one question left: I am using Contribution 7255 (FCK Editor for shipping, conditions, etc. pages) which is just another way of implementing FCK Editor than Information Pages with FCK Editor (which is mentioned in the instructions for MATC) The difference however is that Contribution 7255 stores the html not in the database but in a "conditions_html.php" (or shipping_html.php) file from where conditions.php pulls the text once it is called. And here´s my problem: When in MATC Admin: Put in conditions_html.php as language file => MATC inserts the conditions text not in the textarea but into the infobox itself (just above / outside the textfield) ... of course I left blank the field where TEXT_INFORMATION is in by default. When in MATC Admin: Put in conditions.php as a language file (which gets its content from conditions_html.php it does not display any text at all. The solution for now works, but isn´t really comfortable: I just copy the html from my conditions_html.php and ad it manually to the TEXT_INFORMATION in conditions.php language file. Does somebody have an idea what could cause this missplacement ? Another problem is, that when I try to use the conditions_html.php I get the following message: I can not see why this should have any influence to that file Can anyone push me a little further? Regards tom
  13. Tom172

    [Contribution] U HTML Emails

    I also had the problem with text displaying as one block without any linefeeds for users that allow emails as text only. So I tried the above fix on a 2.2rca - without ANY result actually although I am sure that I have applied the above fix as directed. So I was wondering if anyone ever figured out another way of displaying the email correctly for those users accepting only text emails? Regards tom
  14. Thank you Cord! This helps! and everything works just fine now. tom
  15. Hi, I just tried the required 3 times to install latest version 2.2 on a heavy modified 2.2rca store uploaded all files and made all file modifications. when first loading and click on "install" this is the message I get: I checked my server and this file is physically there. I checked my sql and it added 3 new tables. When I go back to admin/tools/mailbeez I find the dashboard and the configuration options. However nothing that looks like I could send an Email with ;) Is there anything I can do to find out where the problem might be? Thanks tom. edit: Well, after the second try I have set Ultimate SEO Urls use to false, as I have already read that Url rewrite might have some influence. However no changed results after that.