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  1. Okay, I tried installing the xmembers contribution and it worked fine. However I thought it would display the member pricing next to the original pricing of each product for customers to see the benefit of buying a membership. Are there any contributions that do this?
  2. I got no problem with getting into the code but that looks like a lot of customization. More than I'd like to do.
  3. I posted this in the 3.x forum but now I'm looking for a 2.x solution instead. I'm looking for something that will offer the following: - prices on website display normal price and price you would pay if you had a membership - customers automatically get membership pricing after purchasing membership - customers get membership pricing on their cart if their cart includes a membership purchase - I don't have to manually set customers as members anywhere Is this possible? I know about all the separate prices per groups and things but those are manual. Is there a way to have the customer buy the membership and then it's automatic?
  4. Seriously? There's nothing? I'm just trying to offer the ability to get a discount on items you're currently purchasing if you've got the membership in your cart and then the customer continues getting the discount on all future purchases as well.
  5. Deemar

    Easy Populate

    Thanks for posting back. I had the same problem, stared at it for 20 minutes before finding another version of the contribution with correct instructions. That one you downloaded is wrong, who knows how many people it confused.
  6. Deemar

    Easy Populate

    The instructions are wrong. After this: array( 'code' => FILENAME_PRODUCTS_ATTRIBUTES, 'title' => BOX_CATALOG_CATEGORIES_PRODUCTS_ATTRIBUTES, 'link' => tep_href_link(FILENAME_PRODUCTS_ATTRIBUTES) ), add this: array( 'code' => 'easypopulate.php', 'title' => 'Easy Populate', 'link' => tep_href_link('easypopulate.php') ),
  7. I'm looking for a module for version 3.x that will allow me to offer a membership purchase on my site and then give discounts to anyone that has purchased the membership. And throughout the website all prices will have a membership price next to them so people can see what they would pay if they were a member. Does this exist for version 3.x? What if I installed version 2.x instead, would there be a way to upgrade to 3.x when it gets released? Thanks.
  8. Deemar

    Cannot redeclare tep_db_connect()

    How do I edit the thread title? I put the wrong error message there.
  9. I just installed the Order Editor module so I can edit orders and print partial invoices when items are backordered. Now when I go into any of the module's admin pages inside the Admin section, I get this error. It's the same error on every page inside those admin pages. Fatal error: Call to undefined function tep_array_merge() in /home/factoryd/public_html/admin/spg_payment_admin.php on line 202 Others have fixed it by changing "tep_array_merge()" to "array_merge()" and that didn't work. Any ideas how I might be able to fix this? Thanks.
  10. I might have found it here, I'm going to give this a try and see if it works. http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/4881
  11. Basically what I want is for the customer to be able to type in their FedEx/UPS account number so that it gets sent to the store owner and he can use that to pay for the shipping on the order. This is very basic, the only thing I need is for the number in that textbox to get sent to the owner along with the rest of the order details. And also for it to be stored with the rest of the order details in the admin section. Can anyone help?