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  1. Hello all, I wondered if anyone had come across this. I have been using option types for a number of years and I have noticed the more products I have added to the site the slower option types is loading. It's getting the point that adding new items is taking forever. Has anyone come across this please? If you did what did you do to fix it? It's driving me mad :-)
  2. Thank you for taking the time to reply to me. The products are ok. It's when I add a product and load the options. They take forever to load before I can add a new product. In fact when I do this and test the site at the same time... it can take 12 seconds to load. It's pretty weird as this sort of this hasn't happened before but I guess I haven;t had this many items.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I have about 1600 items on the site. It's on the admin side. Loading option types into products slows the website down. I have also noticed the site does run slow. Is there any fix to speed things up?
  4. themuir

    Shorter Checkout for osCommerce 2.3X

    This is a very good add on. I have a question about the layout / design of it. Is there any way the form/log in can be adapted to match your website template? When I install it there is no header bar on the page, the form/log in left justifies and if I can get this changed I will be 100 % using this.
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    customer image upload

    Anyone manage to sort this?
  6. Hi guys - I've been searching and racking my brains all morning. I need to know how to set up either 2 flat rates - one for England & Wales and one for Scotland and Ireland or Zone shipping. The issue I have is with the Zone options - I cant set up Scotland and Ireland as countries and its bcoming rather confusing. Does anyone one an easy way to edit the shipping modules to give the customer the option say on a flat rate for England/Wales or Scotland/Ireland both charged at different rates? Please help me? (",)
  7. themuir

    Shipping Module (",)

    Hi there, I have been searching the vast amount of data on here and I wondered if there are any shipping modules that will allow me to: charge say £7 for components £14.95 for pc systems £30 for TV's I wouldnt mind if the customer had to select their own method in their basket. I dont want a weight or percentage method. I just want to add 4 options for the customer to select. Does anyone know of any solution for this. Sorry if this is a dumb question. Tom (",)