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  1. If you add the three status fields in the new language_id fields in the DB table link_status for every language available on your site, you can see and adjust every category or link per language if you change the language of the admin panel. This is not the most 'clean solution' but it does allow submitting links in every language
  2. Frederick

    fixes to PhpBB contribution

    Thanks oldpa, that did the job! U rule! :) :)
  3. Frederick

    fixes to PhpBB contribution

    How come it does change the language if you change the OSC language on your demosite and on mine it doesn't ?
  4. Frederick

    fixes to PhpBB contribution

    Does this mean you are suggesting to use invision instead of phpbb? I'm sorry but I can't read anything on your forum, it is all in Chinese. Isn't it possible to change the language by changing the osc language in your PHPBB contribution? The invision board you are using is also not as integrated into the OSC layout as phpbb. Great contribution though Oldpa!
  5. Frederick

    integration of phpbb

    You can find a good step-by-step guide on the site of Beardeddone. It helped me anyway. Here is the link: click Thanks again Beardeddone, U rule! ;)
  6. Frederick

    fixes to PhpBB contribution

    Hi, Now the PHPBB contribution sets the default language or the language chosen in the user profile. So you get e.g. an English oscommerce with a dutch PHPBB. Wouldn't it be possible to make the language of PHPBB change when you chose a different language of OSC ? Thanks in advance Frederick