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  1. One Page Checkout Support

    Hi! Im thinking about installing this addon for my shop, will this work with a shop that has other languages installed? Can i still follow the standard instruction or do i need to do some modifications like copying files to my other language folders and modify something else? Regards / Erik
  2. Im running a shop with payson payment module and it works fine except i have had some troubles after customers have paid for their order using payson they are returned to my shop and there they need to "finish order" by clicking a button. If they close the window here the shop wont register the order but i will still get the payment for it from Payson. Any ideas how i could fix this to make sure they are not given the option to make a misstake i would like it to sort of auto finish the order after return from payson payment module, keep in mind to be detailed as im not that experienced with php. Thanks.
  3. I have installed osCommerce2 after giving up with my struggle on osCommerce 3. Anyway i have put on a fresh 2.2 version, installed swedish language pack and "Ultimate_seo_url:s_5". What i now want to be satisfied, Beeing able to edit the title-tag for each page. Setting the meta-, keyword- desctiptions for each page. And some plugin allow me to edit the description of the products itself, using <h1> tags, bold/strong text and so on. What add-ons should i choose that will give me the features i want. And in what order will they be best to install? I can do a fresh restall if necessary but then keep in mind i need the "Ultimate seo url add-on and the swedish language pack". Regards
  4. Paypal - settings

    Ok i found it , new related problem. when entering location for "API Certificate" how should it look, if my certificate is located in root/certificate/cert_key_pem.text should i fill in /certificate/ or /certificate/cert_key_pem.text or other? Anyone that knows? Regards
  5. Paypal - settings

    When configuring the original paypal module included in the osCommerce3 installation "paypal IPN" what information should i enter in the fields, API Username, API Password, API Certificate. I do have a paypal premier account but where do i find this information if its there? Regards
  6. switch template error

    Add me to that list, I think that same problem is also whats causing the headings to not show after i uninstalled a template box. This is how it looks on the site now. Bustier.nu