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  1. Montey

    Europe Cookie Laws

    Is there a way an easy way to find out if my site is running google analytics?
  2. Montey

    Europe Cookie Laws

    Is there a way to find out what cookies my site uses? And some webhosts offer analytics that track visitors IP addresses and locations, is this done with cookies?
  3. Sorted. I’ve increased the value in the database (table: products - products_model) & also increased the easypopulate.php to match
  4. Hi Is it possible to increase the 'v_products_model' field size, so I can enter larger model identifiers in?
  5. Hi I have installed the contribution but I seem to have two problems: If I modify the .htaccess file I get a ‘500 Internal Server Error’ Also when my site is working(without the .htaccess modification), I get a “webpage cannot be found 404 error when I click on a product sub-category I Guess I’ve done something wrong?
  6. Montey

    Subcategory Textboxes/ Main Categories

    Hi I’ve added the Subcategory textboxes contribution, I was trying to add the same text to all my subcatagorys (I have a lot of sub-categories under each main product type) Is it possible to add the same text to all the sub-categorys in one go without having to add them manually?
  7. Has anyone had this working with the Nochex APC Payment Module? It seems to work fine, but it does not update the customers details on the Nochex payment page Have I done something wrong?
  8. Is there any way to remove the shipping address option, so items are only sent to the billing address?
  9. Hi I’ve installed this contribution and it seems to work fine, but when I check my Nochex APC orders/transactions nothing shows for the nochex orders? (I get the nochex email stating the payment has been processed) and the checkout it seems to function correctly. I have checked the install several times & all seems to be installed correctly I did have a problem installing the MySQL file in the database, do I need to alter any setting here? The file has installed to the database, but do I need to alter any setting here? Many thanks for your help