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  1. hebert01

    Authorize.net - General Error (Unable to Send Notification)

    Hello - Has anyone ever found a resolution to this problem? I have been using osC 2.2-MS2 with authorize.net for 3 years with no problems. Up until a few weeks ago, the "General Error (Unable to Send Notification)" error had occurred a total 3 times sporadically throughout the last year. However, in the last two weeks alone, it has occurred 4 times. Authorize.net authorizes the transaction and osC processes as if it is complete, however no payment is received. Similar to others who have posted, this problem does not occur with every transaction. Authorize.net has given the same possible reason for the problem as what they gave to AllThingsTrendy. Has anyone figured out if this is osCommerce bug (the code for my shopping cart has not been touched in the last 2+ years). If so, what needs to be changed? If not, could it be a host server problem (we are using iPowerweb)? an Authorize.net server problem? Any advice from those of you who have had this issue and found some resolution would be appreciated. Thanks...
  2. hebert01

    authorize.net won't display errors

    john- no I don't have the authorizenet curl contribution installed - on both my sites I'm using the preinstalled payment module for authorizenet (one with success, and one not so much). I'm not familiar...can you please explain what the curl contribution adds? the only difficulty I'm having is this one error not displaying (on one site). I've compared my checkout_payment.php files on both sites, and they're identical.
  3. hebert01

    authorize.net won't display errors

    ...anyone? Even if you could give me some suggestions as to which file(s) handle the logic for the generation of these errors, I may be able to troubleshoot it from there. OR, if this topic has been covered before and I've missed it on the archive search, please direct me to a URL. Again, thank you for any help!
  4. hebert01

    authorize.net won't display errors

    Hi- I'm a bit of an osC newbie in the process of building my second site with osC. For both sites' payment modules, I've used the default authorize.net payment module included in osC2.2MS2. The first site went forward without a hitch, and authorize.net is functioning quite well. The second one is giving me some grief. My specific problem occurs when processing a credit card number that I know should be declined. When processing the payment using the "to be declined" CC number, and continuing on to the processing page at https://secure.authorize.net/gateway/transact.dll, my first site correctly returns a red box saying "Your credit card was declined. Please try another card or contact your bank for more info." My new site returns no error at all, and simply returns the visitor to the payment information page without displaying any error information whatsoever. To the best of my knowledge, I've done nothing differently in these installs. I've compared the authorizenet.php files on both sites to each other, and they are identical. Can anyone lend a hand, or give me a suggestion as to what files I might investigate to look for the bug? I did search the forum archives, but was unable to find a similar issue. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi - I have QT 3.1_2 installed and have a question about allowing out of stock attributes to be added to the shopping cart. QT Pro seems to be set up so that any attribute for which the quanity=0, "Out of Stock" will appear next to the attribute in the drop-down menu on the product info page. For example in my store, I have a t-shirt that comes in small, medium, large and x-large. With QT Pro, each size has its own stock number assigned to it. Large and X-Large currently have a stock of 0, so in the drop down menu on the product info page, "Out of Stock" appears next to Large and X-Large. I think it's great to notify the customer up front of a product being of out stock, but what I don't like is that the customer is still allowed to add this out of stock product (in my case a Large or X-Large t-shirt) to their cart. I have the allow checkout=false in configuration so that checkout is not allowed and they can't actually purchase the item, but the way that the customer is prevented from checking out is confusing - they are sent into a loop between the shopping_cart.php page and the checkout_shipping.php page that I think is confusing. Is there a way to set it up so that products with attributes that are out of stock are not allowed to be added to the cart? Or... I also have some products in my shop that have no attributes associated with them and when a customer adds one of these products to their cart and the quantity=0, they get the message on the shopping_cart.php page that states "Products marked with *** dont exist in desired quantity in our stock. Please alter the quantity of products marked with (***), Thank you" Could a similar message be set up so that when a customer adds a product with an attribute that has a quantity=0 to their cart (in my case if they add a Large or X-Large t-shirt to their cart), they will have a clear notification of why they can't proceed with checkout? Thanks...
  6. Hi - I recently installed QT 3.1_2 and I'm having a problem. QTP is deducting quantity from the total stock of a product, but quantities are not being deducted from the various sizes in stock. For example, when a t-shirt is purchased, a deduction is made from the total quantity of t-shirts, but not from the particular size that was purchased (small, medium, etc.). I've read through the earlier forums, disabled the download, check stock level and subtract stock are enabled, allow customer to check out with insufficient stock is disabled. I tried the fix suggested below in an earlier thread for a similiar problem, but it didn't work. I think this is a common problem. Can anyone help? Thanks... In catalog/checkout_process.php: Move: CODE $products_attributes = $order->products[$i]['attributes']; right beneath: CODE if (STOCK_LIMITED == 'true') {
  7. john (or anyone else)- what type of mods would I need to make to the configure.php? and...thanks again. this forum is exceptionally helpful.
  8. so... for an install that's not on my local pc, I'd first need to copy everything to local via FTP, then backup my database to the admin/backups directory on my local machine, then zip it all up? Just making sure I've got it. I'm just a simple caveman.
  9. Hi- I just completed a customization of osC, setting it up with all of the contributions I'll use, etc. I not only modified many files, but also the mySQL database, etc. Everything's working well. Now I'd like to archive this new configuration as my "master" for future installations of osC that I may need. What's the proper way to save everything just as I have it set up now to my local computer, and make it easier for me to install this configuration to another server in the future? If I follow the default installation procedure (following the prompts), I'd be forced to redo all my work. Not sure of the best way to do this.. Thanks in advance for your help!