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  1. Image not showing in Facebook. Contrib not working anymore?
  2. vespa2112


    I'm using latest CCVG and am having the typical PayPal issue where the wrong total is being sent. The full amount is sent, Coupon amount is not deducted, but is shown correctly on all screens. The main issue is that I am NOT using PayPal, i'm using a credit card gateway solution called Moneris eSelectPlus. Would the same type of changes need to occur in this payment module as it did in the PayPal module to fix this? I just need some direction where to go. I've went through checkout_process, checkout_payment, etc... just at a loss where to look next.
  3. vespa2112

    FEDEX WSDL for v3 to v2.2

    HELP!!! I'm so close to getting this working - I just want to limit my displayed results back from Fedex - I only want to display rate for FedEx Ground, since thats the only one I offer. Tips anyone????
  4. vespa2112

    One Page Checkout Support

    STEVE!!!! You are a freakin genius!!! Looks like only one more error left now... I am using the Moneris eSelect payment module API and I get this error as soon as I hit continue to complete the OPC: Warning: str_repeat() [function.str-repeat]: Second argument has to be greater than or equal to 0 in /oscomm/includes/modeuls/payment/monerisusmpg.php on line 205 Processing Order, Please Wait.... Here is the code behind that function confirmation() { global $HTTP_POST_VARS, $order; $confirmation = array('title' => $this->title . ': ' . $this->cc_card_type, 'fields' => array(array('title' => MODULE_PAYMENT_MONERISUSMPG_TEXT_CREDIT_CARD_OWNER, 'field' => $order->billing['firstname'] . ' ' . $order->billing['lastname']), array('title' => MODULE_PAYMENT_MONERISUSMPG_TEXT_CREDIT_CARD_NUMBER, 'field' => substr($this->cc_card_number, 0, 4) . str_repeat('X', (strlen($this->cc_card_number) - 8)) . substr($this->cc_card_number, -4)), array('title' => MODULE_PAYMENT_MONERISUSMPG_TEXT_CREDIT_CARD_EXPIRES, 'field' => strftime('%B, %Y', mktime(0,0,0,$HTTP_POST_VARS['usmpg_cc_expires_month'], 1, '20' . $HTTP_POST_VARS['usmpg_cc_expires_year']))))); return $confirmation; }
  5. vespa2112

    One Page Checkout Support

    I'm also getting "There was an error setting the payment method" message as soon as I click off of the Zip Code field. Never been able to get OPC to work, no matter what payment method I attempt to use. Where did I go wrong?