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  1. Nope! dont work! I will tell you if I can make it working.
  2. Hello everyone! thanks thejudge99 for your effort. I will try to install this application right now, then I will tell you about the results! :thumbsup:
  3. jacarrasquel

    Frisian(Netherlands) second language

    Hi! I have the same error for spanish. My page show correctly the spanish, but get this error on bottom. In this file .../includes/languages/es_CO.xml I can see this line <locale><![CDATA[es_CO.UTF-8,es_CO,español]]></locale> (in your case is different nl_FN.UTF-8,nl_FN,frisian). But I trying change this format for another ones and dont fix him. Another way I modify the ...includes/modules/services/debug.php file This file make chek up on start, then change if (SERVICE_DEBUG_CHECK_LOCALE == '1') for this if (SERVICE_DEBUG_CHECK_LOCALE == '0') And the message isnt displayed, but you know, the issues is not resolving, only is not displayed again. Im waiting your coments (jacarrasquel@hotmail.com)
  4. jacarrasquel

    Spanish translation

    I can help, I'm from Venezuela. How I can start?