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  1. when i run the SQL nothing happen, 14 queries successful. but when i try to load my web, the error same as yours. Ok, first. what i should do? download the latest release, but change 3 *new* file with the FIRST RELEASE??
  2. @halluzineyt : i got your following error to, and i try to re-download the first package (7 July 2005), is it right? i replace the 3 following files, but nothing happen? still error... could you help me please?? thankyou so much
  3. leebra

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    Jack, i change my server setting. So fopen function can be loaded but still show an error. (googlesitemap directory set to 775) Am i have to set googlesitemap directory into 777 ??
  4. leebra

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    Actually i got same error like Benjjj6 (first page)... i do as your suggestion on ur #7 post. and i got this error I save my "sitemapproducts.xml" on my root, but why this error said that my sitemapproducts.xml on my www directory?? You said on your 9# post that we must edited line 266, which file? sitemap_class.php? but i didn't find that line...?? I only find this Best Regards
  5. leebra

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    Hi Guys!!... I just uploaded the last google sitemap SEO into example.com/sitemapindex.xml. But when i try to open in a browser, show this error How can i solve this problem? Thanks before..