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  1. What is happening is that the $order array has nothing in $order->info['shipping_method'] After choosing "continue" and going on to checkout_payment.php the array value is set to: $order->info['shipping_method']='USPS (Priority Mail Intl)" even when the Express option is checkmarked on the radio button. I've even reset it in code of checkout_payment.php to $order->info['shipping_method']='USPS (Express Mail Intl)" and it gets reset in the array to $order->info['shipping_method']='USPS (Priority Mail Intl)" in checkout_confirmation.php Can someone help explain how this is happening? Thank you
  2. I've read some postings on this issue so I will start with that we have upgraded the module, something we won't be able to do in the future since we've done a great deal of modification. During the checkout process, from someone shipping international, when choosing USPS Express it switches to Priority. Why and how do I fix this. Thanks for the help.
  3. Can anyone tell me how to check for the returning image file?
  4. After talking with Fedex they said the following: In answer to your question, I'm processing your Account/meter number with the Label specifications set and I'm getting a valid label buffer in return from the reply. This isnt the same destination that you have sent but the label specifications are the same and the buffer did come down to print the label: (this is the array information) (below that they responded with the raw binary .png file) All the permissions are set, all changes have been made to the code, the post.txt file is created...still NO .png file!!! Anyone? Any ideas?
  5. I am still having the broken image when trying to print a fed ex label I've searched through all the posts, made all the corrections that were suggested and I'm still getting a broken image icon. The ASTRA Barcode image is just not being created. Any help here would be appreciated.