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  1. Never Mind I figure it out...I had to go in to the additional images module and tell it to restrict the size based on the Configuration>Images settings. But I still need to know if this particular Add On will do what I need. Should I create a separate HTML gallery page that shows all of the shirt options (ie style & color) Thanks, Kim
  2. Hi there, I just installed the Additional Images Add On and now my page layout is off. I am sure I need to make an adjustment in the table cell width somewhere, but not sure where to look. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I am also wondering now if this particular add-on isn't going to do what I needed. What I am really needing is an additional photo gallery that will show the different shirt options that are available for each of the products listed. Will I need to undo the Add On? Thank you in advance for any help Kim S Whyte Tyger Design