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  1. MarcSc

    Modern Template for RC2a

    Hi Folks, My apologies for such a novice question, but I have not been able to find instructions on installing this template? How does one go about it? I am new to OS Commerce, so please excuse the extremely stupid question. Thanks, Marc
  2. MarcSc

    Setting up EFT (Wire) Transfers

    Hi Folks, We wish to offer Electronic Fund (Wire) Transfers initially and later on, CC payments. How do we go about offering EFT (Wire) payments? Many thanks, Marc
  3. Hi Folks, We wish to setup 2 Shipping options: 1. National Shipping @ a minimum price per order. We will then contact them after the order is placed to confirm the shipping costs. 2. A Collection option. (Free) How will we set this up? Many thanks, Marc
  4. MarcSc

    Template and images basics help

    Will do, thank you.
  5. Hi Folks, We have just installed the software and now want to customise/find a template that suits our CI and business model. Are templates available? If so, where do we find them and how are they installed? Many thanks, Marc