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  1. Firstly I must thank you for this add-on, it's by far the best product "package discount" module I've found; great work :) However I would like to make one suggestion, it would be great to be able to associate one "parent" item with multiple discount/package rules. In the current Better Together Discounting Module for each package there must be one "parent" for each corresponding "child" product. Please take the following as an example: Rule 1) $this->add_prod_to_prod(A, B, "%", 10); Rule 2) $this->add_prod_to_prod(A, C, "%", 15); Rule 3) $this->add_prod_to_prod(A, D, "$", 50); Rule 4) $this->add_prod_to_prod(A, E, "%", 2); Assume that 1 of each 'A' - 'E' is in the active cart. As you can see I desire that with the purchase of product 'A' (in any quantity) that a customer be entitled all/any of 10% off 'B', 15% off 'C', $50 off 'D' and 2% off 'E'. As it stands this works only if there are as many of product 'A' in the cart as there are associated rules e.g. if there is a quantity of 2 then only rules 1 - 2 are applied and items 'D' & 'E' have their discounts ignored. Top Job :thumbsup: