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    Major Bug Found I think I installed Beta 3 so this issue may have been addressed with the latest version... We are using the code and it has already been modified too heavy to update the files or even post a solution to the problem I discovered. I am only pointing it our here so that it can be included in newer releases of this contribution. The code to check to insure that the customer is the highest bidder is javascript... Which means that the high bid is only checked against the currently loaded page. It does not check against the database to make sure that the bid is still the highest..... If an auction starts at $20 with $5 bid increments a user could open the page when the auction first starts and leave the page open for 6+ hours. During this time other user could have bid the item up over $100. This program would still let the first user place a winning bid for $25 since $25 is higher than the high bid of $20 showing on the users screen. This problem really start to show itself during the last several mins of a auction if you have users try to snipe the item at the last second. We had several times where the system did not record the actual high bidder because someone after him placed a bid for a lower amount. The fix is simple..... Just place code right before the bid is recorded make sure that it is still a high bid for the item. If not redirect the user back to the auction page with a message tell them "bid was too low...." Great contrib... Thanks Timothy