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  1. anyboody there??..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  2. please me!!
  3. PLZZZZZ HELPP MEE.. Ive tried almost everything, but nothing seems to work out. Ive just installed an addon : 'additional images'. It does what it says i.e. supports multiple images. But the images are not aligned, they are not where they are supposed to be. they are 'out of place'..the images are being displayed on the right side of the page whereas they should be displayed in the centre! here have a look : the image should be where the markers are pointing! please help me..somebody! thanks in advance! sukrit sachdeva
  4. Thanx for replying Alex, but i dont have any option but moneybookers..and seems ill have to move over this too!..but paypal doesnt accept payments in my currency! Anyone please!!!!! thanks in advance, sukrit sachdeva
  5. 2CO requires $50 as setup fee plus its transaction charges are more than even paypal. ( i CANT afford that much now) Please anyone, a gateway which supports INR and doesnot charge setup or maintenance fee etc. thanx 'web-project', sukrit sachdeva
  6. thanx, even i found this one,, but isnt there anything except this??..please help!
  7. PLZZZZZZZZZZ...... REPLY!!!..ne1 please!!
  8. Hi guyz, plz help me with this, I've searched the net but could not get a payment gateway like Paypal or Alertpay which accepts INR (my local currency). What i want the in the PG : 1) to support and accept payments(through credit card etc.) in INR. 2) The signup should be optional for the customer! (when he checks out from my site, HE should get an option to either sign up or pay directly!) i did find one : Moneybookers. but it requires the customer to signup, plus no credit card payments( ive mailed the support but no response) plzzzz help me, thanx, sukrit sachdeva
  9. Hi all, Plz help me with this. I just installed the moneybooker's module for my website(as it supports my local currency : INR). But, here are the issues am facing with it. 1) The customer has to signup for a new account at Moneybookers to complete the payment procedure. I want the account signup to be optional. 2) Also, the customer doesnot get the option of paying through credit card. All he can do is pay through bank transfer! Please help me with this, im stuck. Ive tried mailing the moneybookers customer service team for this but no reply. Plz help me!! sukrit sachdeva
  10. Hey all, Can anybody please assist me with this? I need a t-shirt customizer for my t-shirt website. The website is almost ready to be published and all i need is a customizer. Ive been looking for it since the last 6 months ..couldnt find any for free(not even for cheap). Why arent thr any in the addons section??.. Pleaaassseeee...ive done exhaustive search on this.please help me..please suggest me a site, or a place from where i can get it fr free!! thanks, sukrit sachdeva
  12. thanx sam and alex for replying..i have checked and cross checked everything..i did the whole same procedure 4-5 times..but it did not work!! i did read the whole installation manual..and worked accordinglyy..please if some1 can..please write the entire detailed procedure to install MIA! PLEEEASE HELP ME!!!
  13. hey please help me!!! : i tried installing these addons onto my site, but none of them worked, besides after installing my website wasnt even opening!!..please tell me what went wrong?? i installed all the new files, edited the existing ones(overwrite), did run the .sql file(NOT SURE IF CORRECTLY, PLEASE HELP ME ON THIS)..still it did not work out..why??... i tried installing the following addons : 1) Multiple Image Autothumbs(tried installing 3 times, failed!) : error - when i opened the site it gave this instead of the homepage - php slash error(not exact words) 2) oscthumbs 3) ultrapics 4) bulk import images none of them worked..please tell me the exact detailed process of doing this as i dont know how to, am a complete noobie..i did follow the steps included in the addon, though!!..please help me NEED TO LAUNCH THE WEBSITE IN A DAY OR TWO!
  14. I have setup my website using oscommerce 2.2 installed on fatcow. i installed all the PayPal modules, but none of them are working... only the 'express checkout' option started working only when i feeded the required API user id and password...but still it requires the users to sign up for paypal too...ID LIKE TO INSTALL THE PAYPAL WEBSITE PAYMENT STANDARDS MODULE which after checking out thru it gives an error(on paypal page) : "Sorry - Your Last Action Could Not Be Completed"...why????....please someone please help me... PLEEEEAAAASEEE HELP ME!!! u can access the store here : u can use the followin registration info for the site : id : pass : testaccount please help me!!,,,...need to launch the site in a day or two!